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Say “Yes!” to Global Research with Our Bilingual Moderation Experts

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As you target a new global audience or niche, you’ll need solid research to back up your organizational strategy.

Bilingual research moderation experts are essential to ensuring high-quality data from your focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews, digital forums, discussion guides, summary recaps and beyond. An expert linguist can facilitate meaningful engagement with cultural sensitivity so that your organization collects valuable insights. 

Here’s why you should say “yes!” to hiring our bilingual moderation experts for your next global research project. 

What Is Bilingual Research Moderation?

Focus groups and IDIs are typically led by experienced researchers who understand how to draw out accurate and honest insights from participants. 

Bilingual research moderators follow this same approach, but they have the native language skills of the target audience and use culturally sensitive discussion strategies to engage participants. These bilingual researchers capture feedback using the full nuance of participants’ native language, ensuring that participants feel comfortable sharing their perspectives without limitations. This opens doors to richer and more authentic insights.

Top benefits of leveraging bilingual research moderation include: 

  • Facilitating maximum participant engagement. Our bilingual facilitators enable participants to speak in their preferred language, sparking more vibrant insights. This results in stronger trust and overall higher engagement. 
  • Bridging cultural sensitivity. So often cultural signals are lost in translation. Our expert moderators lead focus groups and IDIs with a multicultural lens. They pick up on subtle nuances in expressions, idioms and non-verbal cues to glean all potential feedback. They also know how to adapt to different communication styles that are common in the native language.
  • Harnessing meaningful, accurate insights. Our bilingual experts ensure that translations accurately convey the intended meanings of participants’ responses. Their meticulous approach safeguards against misunderstandings, upholding the authenticity of research insights.

5 Reasons to Choose Us for Your Global Research Project

At Multilingual Connections, we’re paving the way forward with industry-leading bilingual moderation for qualitative research.

1. Research Is at the Heart of Multilingual Connections. 

To start, Multilingual Connections was founded by a linguistic anthropologist and former user researcher. Research is in our heart and history, and we embrace it as one of our company’s core competencies. 

2. We Have Specialized Experience in Research Services.

What’s more, we have extensive experience working for clients in a range of industries, in both qualitative and quantitative research. We bring together subject matter experts and linguistic and cultural insiders to support corporate in-house teams, research agencies, not-for-profits, and universities. 

3. Our Research Moderators Are Hand-Selected from Around the World. 

Multilingual Connections is highly selective about the facilitators we hire. We discover the very best bilingual researchers through a meticulous recruitment process, prioritizing both qualitative experience and linguistic/cultural expertise. As each project is unique, we make sure to find the best moderator match to align with your research goals and audience.

4. We’ve Been Recognized for Our Research Services. 

Though bilingual research moderation is a relatively new field, we’ve already been recognized for our top-quality results. We’re proudly ranked on Quirk’s 2022 Top Companies for Global Insights Research

5. Our Research Support Includes Translation & Transcription, Too!

We don’t just help you conduct your research – we help you prepare in advance by translating your discussion guides, survey, and participant waivers, and we support you after the fact through transcription of focus group audio recordings and interview content.

Kick Off Your Next Global Research Project with Us

At Multilingual Connections, we know the power of bilingual research moderation to elevate your brand in a new market. Whether you’re preparing a focus group, in-depth interview, survey, or digital forum, trust our experts with your upcoming bilingual research project. 

Our experienced professionals combine linguistic expertise, cultural proximity and research experience to collect meaningful insights for your organization. Get in touch to learn how Multilingual Connections can support your next global project.

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We periodically share news and updates around translation, language and culture. Rest assured we’ll never share your contact information with anyone!