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Amplify your message and increase your global reach with our professional interpretation services, available in-person, over the phone, or virtually. Upcoming conference, meeting, call, event, or appointment? Our professional interpretation services are the perfect solution for your multilingual needs.

Professional Interpretation Services

As Chicago’s leading translation and interpretation company, Multilingual Connections offers effective and reliable interpretation services in over 75 languages. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and culture expertise, our global network of professional interpreters is available all over the world. We offer flexible solutions to clients of any size across all industries, including legal, medical, business, marketing, market research, export & trade, and more.

Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation?

With consecutive interpretation, the speaker uses short sentences or paragraphs and then pauses so that the interpreter can interpret what has just been said into the target language. With simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter provides real-time interpretation of what the speaker says into the target language, without a pause between segments. This mode is highly demanding and requires that interpreters work in pairs and alternate. For onsite simultaneous interpretation, we provide booth set-up and equipment rental. Remote Simultaneous (RSI) does not require equipment.

How We Work

Multilingual Connections' dedicated team of interpreters and project management professionals ensure a smooth experience for both our clients and their multilingual audiences.

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