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Translating a document is just one step in the process of producing professional-looking multilingual content. That’s why we provide a central solution for your translation and desktop publishing needs.

Looking for multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)?

Our professional linguists translate your slides, marketing collateral, catalogs, and user manuals in over 75 languages, and our design and typesetting experts provide multilingual desktop publishing to ensure they’re print-ready for your audience. We work within your existing layout and handle the challenges of formatting documents in foreign languages, scripts, and fonts.


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Graphic design and translation tips

If you’re doing graphic design and publishing in foreign languages, here are some important points to consider:

  • Directionality: right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic mean that page layouts may need to be modified
  • Word expansion: translations can expand up to 30% over the source text
  • Number formats: currency, dates and times must be localized and formatted correctly
  • Line spacing: languages like Japanese and Korean require less vertical space than languages that use Latin characters, so you may need to adjust line spacing
  • Punctuation and orthography: different languages have different rules for punctuation and capitalization
  • Fonts: fonts and character sets vary across languages

How We work

Our dedicated team of linguists and designers localize your marketing materials, brochures, newsletters, and other content to convey your message, no matter the language. We can handle any file format, including InDesign, Publisher, and more. We deliver your professionally translated, formatted, and QA’d material ready to print!

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