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Capturing and conveying the nuance of creative content in another language can be challenging. At Multilingual Connections, we help you create maximum impact with your global audience while maintaining the intent, style, and tone of your original copy. Transcreation is the perfect service when you need your marketing content, advertising campaigns, taglines, movie titles, other creative materials to resonate with and engage your international audience.

How did Coca Cola become Tasty Fun in Chinese?

For creative text with emotional impact, cultural nuance, humor, or wordplay, we recommend our transcreation services. Transcreation is best described as a blend of copywriting and translation, as it involves adapting – and often recreating or reimagining – your original message to better resonate with the cultural context of your audience. It gives the translator more creative freedom to convey your intended voice across languages and bring your message home.

Take Coca-Cola, which is called Kekoukele in China, meaning “tasty fun.” Not only does it sound like its international name, but it has a meaning that resonates with the Coke brand. This is an example of transcreation.

What to expect from a transcreation project

We consider using transcreation based on the purpose and intent of the content and your business objectives. The purpose is what drives the decision of translating vs transcreating all or some of the content.

Each project is unique and our team will tailor the process to your specific needs. For example, for slogans and taglines, our bilingual copywriters and editors brainstorm to create two or three versions of your idea. With each new option, we provide a back-translation and a set of reasons for word choice. This lets you see why we’ve created the new copy and why our new copy fits your style and message and will engage your audience.

download translation and transcription workbook

Ensuring project success

Wondering what you need to successfully complete your next transcreation project? We’ve got the answer – this workbook. Inside you’ll find key planning materials for project success.

Success Story: Engaging global markets with Üllo

Multilingual Connections built an in-country team of linguists with deep cultural understanding of target languages, markets, and audiences to provide transcreation of marketing content for a wine decanter and filter company.

How We Work

Our professional translators and copywriters are experienced in marketing, creative writing, public relations, branding, and advertising. We build the best team of in-country linguists with deep cultural and linguistic understanding of the target language, market, and audience.

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