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Our international team of experienced translators specialize in market research translation to help you understand, engage, and grow your multilingual audiences – local, national, or global.

Market research is our native language

Founded by a linguistic anthropologist with a background in UX research, Multilingual Connections has supported international research across languages and cultures for research & design firms, corporate in-house teams, marketing agencies, museums, universities, nonprofits, and more. We understand the intricacies of conducting market research across cultures and languages to provide timely and accurate insights in your preferred language that guide your decision-making.

Tailored language solutions

Multilingual Connections offers translation services for qualitative and quantitative projects at every stage of the research process:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Mobile journeying
  • Virtual training and presentations
  • Video Calls

And to better support our research clients, we now offer bilingual moderation and research support! Whether you need a multilingual moderator for your in-depth interviews, focus groups, or online bulletin boards, a note-taker, or general research support, we’re here to help ensure the success of your study.

Global Insights | Top Research Company 2022

Success Story: Supporting global research for dscout

With their app available in seven languages, dscout’s studio team required ongoing translation of its user research guidelines and prompts and also transcription and translation of its user responses back into English for analysis.

Market Research Translation - Focus Group

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Every client, every brand, and every opportunity is unique, and we treat it as such. We tailor our solutions to your needs and work across a wide variety of industries and formats. We leverage a global network of language and culture experts and innovative technology solutions to help ensure your project’s success.

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