Localization Services in 75+ Languages - Multilingual Connections

A mix of copywriting and translation, perfect for creative content with emotional impact, nuance, or wordplay.

Multimedia Localization

Voiceover and subtitling for films, ads, eLearning, and other video content to engage your multilingual audience.

Research Moderation

Focus group and interview moderation, summary recaps and report writing, online bulletin board moderation, and more.

Desktop Publishing

Design and formatting of multilingual material that maintains the integrity of the original layout and design.

Industry Experience

Tailored solutions for any industry

Our Industries

Nuanced Translations

Multilingual Connections translates complex content across industries in over 75 languages, going to great lengths to maintain the meaning and nuance of the source text.

Scalable Workflows

We build a custom language solution to support our clients’ work across languages and cultures, leveraging the workflow to help them expand to global markets.