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We deliver quality transcription services at competitive rates across industries. Whether you need to transcribe focus groups, interviews, earnings calls, legal proceedings, video footage, or other content, count on us as your professional English or foreign language audio transcription partner.

Reliable human transcription services

Our team of skilled human transcriptionists provides fast, accurate, and consistently formatted transcripts no matter the language. Have a Zoom recording or an interview for a documentary? We support all audio and video formats and create custom solutions whether transcription is the first step or last step of your process.

Flexible Transcription Options

Choose the format that’s right for you.


Language A Language A

Use monolingual transcription if you have an audio or video file and need a transcript in the same language as the one spoken in the file.


Language A Language B

Use interpretive transcription if you have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in another language.

Double Column

Language A Language A & B

Use double-column transcription if have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in the same and in another language.

Verbatim Transcription

Multilingual Connections can transcribe in strict verbatim or clean verbatim. Strict verbatim means we transcribe every word and utterance, including ums, uhs, repetitions, false starts, interjections, and even non-speech sounds like coughs and sneezes. Strict verbatim transcription is best for when you need to track not only what is being said, but also how it is said, like for market research or legal proceedings, for example. Needing something simpler? Ask for clean verbatim transcription if you’re looking for an accurate transcript but one that’s cleaned up and easier to read.

Ensuring project success

Wondering what you need to successfully complete your next transcription project? We’ve got the answer – this workbook. Inside you’ll find key planning materials for project success.

download translation and transcription workbook

How We Work

We are your language partner at every step of the audio transcription process. Our team of language professionals works closely and collaboratively to deliver precise transcripts and ensure confidentiality along the way.

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