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Clara: Combining Work and Travel Lifestyle

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Multilingual Connections works with hundreds of talented linguists across the globe who are experts at translation, transcription or subtitling. But they’re also experts within particular specializations – some have spent years doing multimedia localization, others legal and law enforcement content, while others specialize in marketing or educational content. For each new project, we are making sure to assign a linguist based on native language, region, service and industry expertise. 

We have a great team of linguists, but some stand out through the quality of the work they do, their reliability and general amazingness. Each month, the best of the best are recognized with our “Linguist of the Month” award. We are excited to feature MLC’s June 2019 Linguist of the Month, Clara, for the outstanding Spanish translation and transcription work she has done.

Featured Linguist
Greetings from Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forest, Idaho!

Where are you from, and where do you currently live?

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I’ve been living in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past seven years. 

Besides English, what languages do you speak?

I provide translation and transcription services from Spanish to English. Since I’m also an Italian citizen, I’ve being trying to improve my Italian, but I’m still far from being fluent. 

Why and how did you become a translator?

I studied English and Social Communication back in my country and I have always liked writing, so after taking a series of related jobs, I landed in the translation field. I find translation a challenging and fascinating task, in which faithfulness, transparency and continuous improvement—three qualities that I also strive to achieve in my everyday life­—play a key role.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love nature, so my favorite activities are hiking, camping and simply being in the wilderness. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Right now, I’m on an extended relaxing road trip to Alaska, living and working from national forests, remote little towns, and also an occasional dirt road. If I’m able to continue with my work and travel lifestyle after returning from the Last Frontier­—after experiencing all of the stunning places that I’m getting to visit in between—I would love to drive to the East Coast or Central America next! Like the saying goes, “Go big or go home!”

What is your motto?

I don’t have a motto, but, at the moment, I’m trying to embrace the existentialist attitude: act authentically yet responsibly, and always accept the consequences of your actions.

We thank Clara for being such a great part of our team of linguists, and stay tuned for more behind the scenes updates from Multilingual Connections!

Want to see more like this?

We periodically share news and updates about language and our business. We’ll never share your contact information with anyone.