More than twenty years after’s launch, the company is rolling out content in Spanish.  Given its multilingual sites in Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands, why is this news?

As companies focus on expanding their reach globally, multilingual sites in other countries are smart business, but they aren’t news. What is news, however, is a Spanish-language option on US-based  With a purchasing power of over $1.5 trillion—a 50% increase since 2010—the US-Latino market is one that retailers are anxious to tap. And given the more than 41 million Spanish-speakers, offering a Spanish-language option here makes sense.

CNET notes the potential this, together with launching Prime in Mexico, may have on Amazon’s growth:

Amazon said Tuesday that it had launched its Prime subscription service in Mexico, letting customers there sign up for unlimited shipping for about $46 a year. Expanding into both markets could be critical for Amazon’s growth, as the company may be reaching a saturation point for English-speaking Prime customers in the US.

Companies across industries, including insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, entertainment, financial services, travel and more, have long since offered Spanish-language websites. While it’s surprising that has only been available in English until now, it’s likely to be a welcome change as more and more cardboard boxes with Amazon’s iconic smile show up on new doorsteps across America.