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If you’re looking for high-quality translation services combined with the faster speed and lower cost of machine translation, machine translation post-editing (MTPE) could be a great fit. Not sure? Multilingual Connections’ experts will analyze your project and, if it meets the requirements for MTPE, make recommendations on next steps including which machine translation engines will work best for your content.

What is Machine Translation Post-Editing?

Machine Translation Post Editing Services

With MTPE your content is translated by a machine and then edited by a professional human linguist. This service allows you to save the time and money afforded by a machine while maintaining the flow and accuracy of human translation.

Why choose MTPE

2.5 times faster than standard process

Costs 40% less than standard rates

Significantly higher quality than MT alone

Human quality with machine translation speed

MTPE is tech-driven but is ultimately a human-powered process. At Multilingual Connections, skilled and experienced human linguists are the backbone of our quality translations, and for that reason, we include human linguists even on projects that involve a machine.

Secure MT engine

We ensure confidentiality and security of your data at all stages of our process. Our machine translation engine securely processes your data and content, as opposed to free machine translation engines available online, and we combine the machine translation output with our saved translation memories and glossaries.

How We Work

We only work with linguists with proven experience in machine translation post-editing. They have been carefully selected by our talent management team after passing our rigorous linguist hiring process. MTPE linguists are specially trained to identify errors common to machine translation output and correct accordingly, while still working at an efficient pace.

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