Urdu Language Services

With over a decade of experience, Multilingual Connections provides top-quality Urdu translation, transcription and interpretation services to organizations and companies around the world. Our fully certified and highly qualified professionals can translate from Urdu to English, English to Urdu, or between Urdu and any of the many languages we offer. Whether you need documents transcribed or translated, or a live interpreter for your meeting, conference or telephone call, our team of translation professionals is up to the task.

Urdu lanuage translators, interpreters and transcriptionists

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and of six Indian states.

The Importance of Urdu

Urdu is a major world language, spoken natively by 65 million people and the second language of 94 million people. The official language of Pakistan and of six Indian states, it serves as a lingua franca in many regions, instead of more local languages and dialects. As one of the 22 languages in the Constitution of India, Urdu holds importance in a range of industries as well as in political life in India and Pakistan. Given the extensive diaspora of Urdu-speakers worldwide, Urdu translation and interpretation is also highly in demand in urban centers of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Urdu Translations

At Multilingual Connections, we are committed to providing accurate and timely translation services, from and into Urdu. All of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association and/or the corresponding association of their home countries. Given our team’s broad yet in-depth professional experience, we can offer high-quality translations on a wide range of themes, no matter how technical or obscure your particular subject matter.

Urdu Transcriptions

When you need a written transcript of audio or video files, it’s well worth investing in the services of a skilled transcriptionist. Our Urdu transcription services can take care of the job quickly and effectively. In addition, we can offer direct translations of the material we transcribe. Should you prefer a more complete text, we also offer “double column transcription”, writing out the original transcript alongside one in your target language.

Urdu Interpretations

For business meetings, phone conferences or medical consultations, often having an Urdu interpreter in the room makes all the difference. Our team of fully qualified interpreters is available either in-person or for telephonic interpreting, letting you take advantage of our service anywhere and at any time. Each certified Urdu interpreter on our team brings the expertise of a native speaker, ensuring smooth communication, whatever your particular needs.

About the Urdu Language

Urdu is a standardized register of the Hindustani language. It uses the Arabic writing system and the Urdu alphabet. Like Standard Hindi, it draws on many borrowed words from Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit, and some linguists consider both languages actually to be two standardized forms of the same language.

Urdu Dialects

Urdu has three major recognized dialects: Dakhni, Rekhta and Modern Vernacular Urdu. Each is predominantly spoken in a different region of Pakistan and India. Variations exist among the three both in written and spoken language.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Urdu Language Needs

By working with a qualified Urdu translator or interpreter, you can facilitate clear communication and reduce the risk of costly misunderstandings down the line. As a result, your organization will be able to work more efficiently with associates, clients, or partners. In conferences, providing a native interpreter not only simplifies the process, but it signals your commitment to meeting the other party halfway. By the same token, using a professional transcriptionist ensures error-free transcripts, signaling your company’s commitment to professionalism. By working with Multilingual Connections, you can ensure that all interpretation, translation and transcription are held to the highest standards.

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