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Multilingual Connections is a translation agency with over a decade of experience providing Ukrainian translation, transcription and interpretation services. Should you require translation from Ukrainian to English, English to Ukrainian or between Ukrainian and numerous other languages, our team of experts is ready to help. Whether we’re assisting multinational corporations or independent start-ups, we strive to provide top-quality services to meet each of our client’s particular translation needs.

Ukrainian translators

Ukrainian is an Eastern Slavic language and it is the official state language of Ukraine.

The Importance of Ukrainian

About 30 million native speakers speak Ukrainian. In addition to the majority of Ukrainian speakers who live in Ukraine, a Ukrainian diaspora extends through Canada, the United States and Russia. Over 1 million Ukrainian speakers live in Russia, alone, with over 200,000 native speakers living in Canada.

Ukrainian Translations

When you require a reliable Ukrainian translation, look to our team of seasoned professionals. All of our translators are fully certified by the American Translators Association or the corresponding association of their respective home country. Investing in translation sends a clear message to your clients or associates: you care what they have to say. Our certified Ukrainian translators have the depth and breadth of experience to let them work in a wide range of specialized niches. As a result, they can deliver pristine, authoritative translations, however technical or jargon-filled your documents.

Ukrainian Transcriptions

Should you need audio or video files translated from or into Ukrainian, Multilingual Connections can offer professional services to meet your particular needs. Our array of transcription services includes straight transcription, direct translation of audio files, and double-column transcription. For our double-column transcriptions, we furnish you with a side-by-side transcript in both the source and target languages. If you are uncertain which service best suits your purposes, our professionals will be glad to help you determine the best option and best value.

Ukrainian Interpretations

For meetings, conferences, consultations and vital phone calls, there’s no substitute for having a fluent bilingual speaker in the room. With a certified Ukrainian interpreter, you can ensure that communication goes smoothly. Each Ukrainian interpreter on our staff is equipped to provide accurate, immediate interpretation services, however technical or demanding your particular niche. With the use of both in-person and telephonic interpretation, we can serve you wherever and whenever you need.

About the Ukrainian Language

Ukrainian is an Eastern Slavic language, one of the many branches of the Indo-European language family. Other Slavic languages include Russian, Polish, Czech and Serbo-Croatian. Ukrainian uses the Cyrillic writing system and has its own alphabet, slightly different from the Russian alphabet. It is the official state language of Ukraine. From 1804 until the Russian Revolution, however, the language was banned from schools throughout the Russian Empire, including most of present-day Ukraine. As a result, Modern Ukrainian has undergone a relatively recent resurgence in use over the past hundred years.

Ukrainian Dialects

The dialects of Ukrainian are classed into three major groups, by geography: Northern, South-eastern and South-western. Considering the relatively large territory over which the language is spoken, it is hardly surprising that these three principal dialect groups can be further subdivided into dozens of more specific dialects. Some dialects feature distinct similarities to Russian or Belarusian.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Ukrainian Language Needs

Whatever your industry, using a qualified translator is a powerful statement of your interest in serving your clients’ or associates’ needs. In addition, by investing in translation, interpretation, or transcription services from the start, you can reduce the risk of misunderstanding later on. Looking to fully qualified and professional translators for such a critical service is simply common sense. Multilingual Connections can draw on a decade of experience in the field, ensuring that your needs are met, even beyond your expectations.

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