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Multilingual Connections is a professional translation, transcription and interpretation agency with over a decade of experience translating from Thai to English, English to Thai or between Thai and numerous other languages. Providing native-speaker translations, a range of transcription services and in-person and telephonic interpretation services, we can address the needs of major multinationals and small start-ups. When you need to ensure clear communication, there’s no replacement for a certified and experienced translation professional.

translations, transcriptions and interpretations for the thai language

Thai is the official language of Thailand.

The Importance of Thai

Thai is spoken by 20 million native speakers and by 40 million people as a second language. As the national and official language of Thailand, it stands as a major language within southeast Asia. In addition, the language is widely spoken throughout the world in countries with sizeable populations of Thai émigrés. Mutually intelligible with Lao, the language is of interest to any organizations or companies looking to work within Thailand and surrounding countries. In addition to Thai’s official recognition within Thailand, it is a recognized minority language in Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Thai Translations

When your organization requires documents translated between Thai and your chosen language, our professional Thai translators are up to the challenge. Each Thai translator on our team is fully qualified, holding certification from the American Translators Association or the corresponding association in his or her home country. For jobs requiring a fast turnaround, we also offer rush translation services.

Thai Transcriptions

Should you require a written transcript of either audio or video files, our transcriptionists can handle the task quickly and accurately. Depending on your needs, we can provide a simple transcription or can directly translate the recording from or into your target language. If you require a more complete written record, we can provide “double column transcription”, furnishing a side-by-side transcription of both the source and the target language.

Thai Interpretations

Each certified Thai interpreter on our team draws on extensive experience interpreting for conferences and meetings on a wide range of themes. As a result, whatever your niche area and however obscure or technical your theme, we can furnish a competent Thai interpreter who is familiar with the necessary jargon. We offer both telephonic and in-person interpreting, making it possible to provide you with interpretation at any time, regardless of your location.

About the Thai Language

Thai is a Tai-Kadai language, the family of 95 languages that spans much of Southeast Asia and includes other highly tonal languages, such as Lao. Thai uses its own script. More than half of the words in the language come from Pali, Sanskrit and Old Khmer.

Thai Dialects

Strictly speaking, Thai is not officially divided into recognized dialects. Rather, linguists recognize multiple, closely related Tai languages as distinct languages in their own right. Within the language, though, speakers use various registers of address, including common, formal, rhetorical, religious and royal forms.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Thai Language Needs

By investing in a professional translator or interpreter, you confirm your organization’s commitment to quality and avoid costly miscommunications down the line. In many cases, translation is simply necessary. By opting for a professional and experienced team of translators, you can ensure that the work is done efficiently and accurately. Opting for an extra level of professionalism stands to pay off large dividends in the long term. Clients who are permitted to converse in their native languages feel more at ease. Documentation that is fully translated is easier for all parties to understand in detail. At Multilingual Connections, our team of professionals balances spotless work with a longstanding commitment to fair pricing.

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