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Multilingual Connections draws on over a decade of experience offering professional translation, transcription and interpretation services. Whether you need texts or meetings translated from Tamil to English, English to Tamil or between Tamil and numerous other languages, our team of professionals is up to the task. Working with experienced translators is the best way to ensure clear communication and assure your clients or associates that you take seriously what they have to say.

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Tamil is primarily spoken by the Tamil people of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Nadu state.

The Importance of Tamil

The Tamil language has around 70 million native speakers, plus another 8 million speakers of Tamil as a foreign language. Part of the Dravidian language family, it is closely related to Malayalam as well as the Yerukula and Irula languages. Tamil holds official status in eight different countries, a testament to its worldwide importance. It is an official language of Sri Lanka, Singapore and the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. In addition, it is a recognized minority language in Canada, Malaysia, Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles.

Tamil Translations

Should you require documents to be translated from or into Tamil, look no further than our experienced team. At Multilingual Connections, every Tamil translator on our staff holds full certification from the American Translators Association or the corresponding association of his or her country. We only use experienced, native translators, ensuring that each translation is of the highest quality. In addition, for critical jobs, we can offer rush translation services.

Tamil Transcriptions

Transcription is vital when you need audio or video recordings transformed into written text. Using a professional transcriptionist is an excellent way of ensuring the transcripts are pristine, error-free, and efficiently produced. In addition, by working with our translation/transcription professionals, you can have audio files directly translated into your chosen target language as they are produced. Alternately, side-by-side transcription is available if you prefer a bilingual transcriptions.

Tamil Interpretations

When you need to ensure clear communication during a business meeting, medical consultation, hearing or phone conference, count on a native and certified Tamil interpreter to do the job. Each Tamil interpreter on our team draws on wide-ranging and in-depth experience, making it possible to provide accurate interpretation for any theme or niche subject that you require.

About the Tamil Language

Tamil is primarily spoken by the Tamil people of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Nadu state. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and was the first to be declared a classical language by the Indian government. Emigrant communities around the world speak the language, with particularly sizable populations in Malaysia, England, Mauritius, Canada, South Africa, Fiji, Germany and the United States.

Tamil Dialects

Tamil is spoken in two distinct registers, which designate social status. In addition, individual dialects vary geographically. Primarily, these dialects can be differentiated by the different ways that they have evolved from Old Tamil. Some dialects also draw on extensive use of loanwords from Malayalam and other languages.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Tamil Language Needs

The nature of globalization means that we have more opportunities than ever to connect with speakers of foreign languages. Whether your organization is going through business meetings, offering medical treatment or providing individual services to clients, translation and interpretation are vital services in this global marketplace. Looking to a professional and well-established translation company can ensure that you receive services of the highest caliber. The initial investment can pay off large dividends over time, saving you the hassles and disruptions of miscommunication down the line. In addition, Multilingual Connections strives to balance our utmost professionalism with reasonable pricing, making our services accessible to independent businesses as well as large multinationals.

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