Tagalog Language Services

If you require exceptional Tagalog translation, transcription or interpretation, Multilingual Connections can provide your organization with the reliable and professional services you need. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, our team of skilled translation professionals can translate and interpret from Tagalog to English, English to Tagalog or between Tagalog and any of the many other languages that we provide.

tagalog translation services

Tagalog is spoken by around 45 million people and is an official language of the Philippines, alongside English.

The Importance of Tagalog

Tagalog is spoken by around 45 million people and is an official language of the Philippines, alongside English. Of these speakers, around 28 million speak the language as their mother tongue. As many as 96 percent of Filipinos living in the Philippines report that they can understand the language. Given the widespread use of the language in the Philippines, as well as among Filipino communities abroad, the importance of Tagalog translation cannot be underestimated. As the national language of the Philippines, Tagalog holds particular importance for formal documentation and meetings.

Tagalog Translations

Should your organization require documents translated from or into Tagalog, Multilingual Connections can offer translations of the highest quality. Our certified Tagalog translators are equipped to handle texts of all kinds, however obscure or technical your field of expertise. Should you require the skills of a Tagalog translator immediately, we can help you meet your deadline with rush translation services. All of our translators are fully certified by the American Translators Association or the respective organization of their home countries.

Tagalog Transcriptions

Transcription is the rendering of audio or video texts into written form. When you need a transcript in Tagalog or another target language, our team of certified professionals can offer whatever service you require. We can directly transcribe a Tagalog transcript from a Tagalog recording, or we can directly translate as we transcribe. Finally, should you require a written document in both source and target languages, we can offer a side-by-side double column transcription.

Tagalog Interpretations

When meeting with associates in person, important conversations can suddenly grind to a halt when a key bit of language goes missing. Instead of requiring your clients, associates or business partners to force their foreign language skills, using a certified Tagalog interpreter will put everyone at ease. With the option of an in-person or telephonic interpreting, we will provide you with a Tagalog interpreter anywhere and at any time.

About the Tagalog Language

Tagalog is an Austronesian language, related to numerous languages spoken throughout Taiwan, the Mariana Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor and elsewhere in the South Pacific. Tagalog is most closely related to other Philippine languages, including Bikol, Ilokano and Visayan. The language’s early origins are not well known though some theories propose that it developed from Mindanao or Visayas languages.

Tagalog Dialects

Tagalog can be further subdivided into several principal dialects, including Bataan, Batangas, Bulacan, Lubang, Manila, Marinduque, Tanay-Paete and Tayabas. Some of the most divergent dialects are spoken in Marinduque.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Tagalog Language Needs

In many cases, using a reputable translator, transcriptionist or interpreter is simply necessary. In other cases, having a professional on hand is simply the savvy choice, making communication go more smoothly and offering long-term returns in the form of better business relationships. By enlisting the help of a translator or interpreter, you ensure that you and your associates are on the same page. As a result, you lower the risk of misunderstanding or confusion. Plus, you communicate your commitment to hearing what your clients want to say, in their words. If you’re uncertain about how we can help you achieve those goals, our team of professionals will be glad to consult on the best uses of our translation, interpretation and transcription for your purposes.

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