Swedish Language Services

Multilingual Connections is proud to be one of the industry’s best language services companies since its founding ten years ago. We provide a diverse array of services including translation, transcription and interpretation for Swedish. Our expert team has command of over 75 different languages. They are capable of moving from English to Swedish, Swedish to English and between Swedish and any of our other languages. We employ native speakers to ensure that all deliverables are free from error and of the highest quality.

swedish language services

Swedish is both the primary and official language of Sweden.

The Importance of Swedish

Sweden is a wealthy Nordic nation with considerable international trade of everything from raw materials to advanced electronics, as well as tourism and cultural research. As a result, there are many people who need to converse with business partners and other contacts across a language barrier that includes Swedish, or understand Swedish documents.

Swedish Translations

Our ability to deliver Swedish translations is unmatched because we insist on using native speakers at Multilingual Connections. That means that slang or technical language is not an obstacle for our team the way it would be if we used foreign-born Swedish translators. We translate business documents, legal documents and more with ease, so no matter what field you work in, there is an expert on our team who will help you. All of our transcription work also includes proofreading and editing services at no extra charge to ensure the final document reads well and meets your standards.

Swedish Transcriptions

At Multilingual Connections, we can transcribe a source video or audio file into the writing system of the source language, transcribe the source into the writing of a new target language, or transcribe in the source language and then translate that transcription into a new target language. This variety in services makes us the best source for Swedish transcriptions in the industry. We consistently provide excellent transcriptions of source files in many different areas, like business and law.

Swedish Interpretations

When you need to talk with a contact over a language barrier that includes Swedish, nothing facilitates the conversation better than a certified Swedish interpreter. Our Swedish interpreters are comfortable working over the phone or in person to provide live, fast and accurate interpretation so that your communication is smooth and easy. Our native-born interpreters are familiar with the accents and other complexities of spoken Swedish that make interpretation such a challenge.

About the Swedish Language

Swedish has just under 10 million native speakers. It is an official language in Sweden, Finland and the European Union. Swedish is an Indo-European language of the North Germanic and East Scandinavian branch. The writing system of Swedish is a slightly modified Latin alphabet and an accompanying Braille alphabet for the blind.

Swedish Dialects

There are six groups of Swedish dialects based on geographical separation and ancient differences in where Swedes settled. They vary in their mutual intelligibility depending on how close they are. The large number of dialects is a significant challenge to language services in Swedish to anyone who is not familiar with all of them.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Swedish Language Needs

Multilingual Connections has an experienced and trained team of native speakers with a wide array of backgrounds. That makes it easy for us to find an expert to help you no matter what your needs might be. Furthermore, our customer service is our top priority and all members of our team are held to the highest standards of professionalism. Our competitive rates, combined with the quality of the services we provide, are the reason we have become the leading language services company in just ten years.

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