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Spanish Translation and Transcription Services

Spanish translation, transcription, subtitles, voice over and interpretation agency

Since 2005 we’ve provided fast, affordable, and scalable translation and localization services to clients all over the world.

Located just north of Chicago, we work with professional Spanish linguists and a team of highly skilled project managers to provide excellent customer service and speedy project turnarounds to our clients.

Professional Spanish Translations

With 480 million native speakers around the world, Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and territories and its speakers make up about 6% of world’s population.

Translation into and from Spanish is the most popular service for U.S.-based companies. Because of this high demand, there are a lot of qualified translators, which lets companies like Multilingual Connections provide high quality at a reasonable price. Like any other language, Spanish translation involves much more than word-to-word correspondence — it involves knowing your audience and picking a translator who understands that audience. If, for example, the purpose is to reach a Mexican audience within the United States, the translator must know that locale well. Our project managers ensure that the right person is working on your content.

Whether you need to translate websites, legal contracts, surveys, marketing materialsor technical documents to or from Spanish our team is ready to help. We bring together the best Spanish translators and the latest translation technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our dedicated project managers work with you from start to finish to make the process as seamless as possible.

Spanish Audio Transcription

Looking for Spanish audio transcription? We transcribe focus groups, interviews, documentaries, conference calls, seminars, legal proceedings, body wires and other audio and video content.

Multilingual Connections transcription services include:

  • monolingual transcription (source audio > source text)
  • interpretive transcription (source audio > target language text)
  • double column (both languages side-by-side)

We’re happy to accommodate your formatting needs and timestamping.

Spanish Voiceover and Subtitle Translation

Choosing between subtitling or voiceover for your videos, documentaries or films? Generally, dubbing is more common in Spain, whereas Latin American audiences are used to consuming media in English with subtitles. However, a lot depends on the target audience within those countries and the nature of your video content.

Multilingual Connections’ multimedia localization team works with you to bring your story and your voice to life in Spanish and will provide recommendations after learning more about your needs. We work with video production companies, creative agencies, and filmmakers to produce film content with linguistic accuracy and cultural nuance. Only a small percentage of our linguists are assigned to subtitling and voiceover projects, as it requires unique training and skill. Count on us to help grow your Spanish-speaking audience — or to bring your Spanish language content to speakers of other languages!

Spanish Interpretation

Planning conferences, employee meetings, legal proceedings or training with a Spanish speaker? Talk to us about your needs for consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation or phone interpretation, available in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our highly-trained and experienced interpreters convey your message accurately and help you connect with your audience!

Spanish around the world

While all Spanish speakers can generally understand each other, each country has its unique idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Depending on the project and the client preferences, we match your project with the right linguist for the job. That way, the translation will fully resonate with your target audience, which is especially important for marketing and market research translation or any other form of external communication.