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Multilingual Connections is an excellent language services company committed to provided a high level of expertise for all your Somali language needs. We provide top quality translations whether it be Somali to English, English to Somali or Somali into any of the other languages offered. Multilingual Connections also offers the best audio and visual transcription and professional level interpretation.

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The Somali language is spoken namely in the Horn of Africa and among ethnic Somalians elsewhere amounting to roughly 16 million native speakers worldwide.

The Importance of Somali

Somalia and the surrounding region where Somali is spoken is home to significant agriculture, mining and energy industries, as well as an increase in business ventures in telecommunications, hospitality and tourism. This is leading to a growing need for Somali language specialists to aid the in the exportation of major goods such as bananas, livestock, and minerals. The Somali language not only has increasingly important economic standing, but it also has a rich tradition in Islamic poetry and literature.

Somali Translations

All of our Somali translators have the highest caliber of qualifications. This means all of our translations are handled with unbeatable speed, consistency and accuracy, even with texts heavy in industry specific terminology. Our Somali translators have a keen understanding of the nuances of language and will handle your Somali translations with precision and promptness that it deserves. Our interminable commitment to detail ensures that the finished product will be expertly translated, proofread and formatted to match the original.

Somali Transcriptions

If you require your audio or visual files be transcribed, we are able to offer a selection of transcribing services to convert those files into written text. We work with all digital file formats, and our expertise in Somali transcriptions range anywhere from transcribing legal documents, to field and focus group work, to documentaries and life histories. Not only do we offer monolingual transcriptions, we also offer interpretive and double column transcriptions. Our team is able to help you decide which of our transcription services works best for your needs.

Somali Interpretations

Using Multilingual Connections for your Somali interpretations will facilitate further communication. Whether you’re in need of a certified Somali interpreter in person or over the phone, we can provide our services any time of day. Our expert Somali interpreters will bolster your ability to conduct interviews and conferences as well as increasing your international visibility. Even in jargon-heavy situations, such as medical conferences or technical business meetings, the use of a Somali interpreter will effortlessly maintain an ease in communication across the cultural and linguistics boundaries.

About the Somali Language

The Somali language is spoken namely in the Horn of Africa and among ethnic Somalians elsewhere amounting to roughly 16 million native speakers worldwide. Officially the Somali language uses the Latin alphabet, but there are significant works of literature written in Somali using the Arabic script.

Somali Dialects

There are three main Somali dialects: Northern, Benadir and Maay. While the Northern and Benadir dialects are mutually intelligible, Maay is not. For this reason, Standard Somali is used as the lingua franca between all ethnic Somalians.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Somali Language Needs

Utilizing Multilingual Connections services in Somali translation, transcription and interpretation will benefit you and your company in a myriad of ways. Our professional staff will save you money and time by enhancing the speed and ease with which you communicate across language boundaries. Whether you need our linguistic assistance with legal, business or personal matters, we’re here to meet your needs with the most reliable and accurate customer service the industry has to offer. Having the expertise and experience of our language specialists backing you allows for you to communicate with the accuracy needed to avoid misunderstandings, which can be costly. The Multilingual Connections team has the drive and linguistic dexterity to work with you to solve all of your Somali language needs.

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