Serbian Language Services

Multilingual Connections is a decade-old company that has quickly built a name for itself in the area of language services. One of the many languages we serve is Serbian. Our team of trained native speakers can translate, transcribe and interpret Serbian. We can go to and from Serbian and English. We are not limited to English, either- we move between Serbian and any of our over 75 other languages with ease depending on the needs of our client.

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The official language of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The Importance of Serbian

Serbian is the official language of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo as well as a major secondary language in seven other nations. It is the language of the Serbs; genealogically, it is a South Slavic language with roots in the Indo-European family. Among its distinctive traits is the fact that it has two alphabets, one in Latin and one in Cyrillic, and most speakers are comfortable with both. It is one of the most important languages of the Balkans, which is a growing center for international business, finance and raw goods.

Serbian Translations

The multiple alphabets and relative isolation from its Romance and Germanic linguistic cousins make Serbian difficult for translators to handle. Our team of Serbian specialists are all native speakers with a high familiarity with all the idioms and conventions of the language and can make Serbian translations of the highest quality. We understand how important it is for you to have your business communication, legal documents and other text translated quickly and accurately.

Serbian Transcriptions

As with other languages, Serbian transcriptions are even harder than translations. Spoken Serbian has accents and dialects that add to the difficulty. Despite the challenge, Multilingual Connections has a team who will transcribe into any language with a Serbian video or audio source, or go the other way and transcribe in Serbian using a source from a different language. Our transcribers are comfortable with source material in any field, even if it has technical language or confusing accents.

Serbian Interpretations

The crown jewel of our language services, interpretation is the cleanest, fastest and most useful way to ease communication between parties who speak different languages. Our Serbian interpretation team is available to work with you over the phone or even in person. Rest assured that not only do we use native speakers for this work, we ensure that they have credentials. If you need a certified Serbian interpreter for your sensitive work, we will provide one. There is no match for a Serbian interpreter for facilitating communication in Serbian.

About the Serbian Language

Serbian has roughly ten million native speakers dispersed in the Balkans but mostly concentrated in Serbia itself. It is closer to Slovene than Macedonian or Bulgarian, even though the latter two are also South Slavic and Balkan languages.

Serbian Dialects

Serbian itself does not have strongly distinct dialects. However, it, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin were all originally Serbo-Croatian, but the fall of Yugoslavia has divided those four peoples into separate nations, each desiring a distinct identity. Hence Serbian and the other three Serbo-Croatian successor languages have been moving apart from each other as they were diverging dialects of the mother language.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Serbian Language Needs

Multilingual Connections boasts an expert team of native speakers who are experienced in an array of language services. Whether you need a Serbian translator, transcriber or interpreter you will find a professional and customer-oriented team member willing to help.

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