Punjabi Language Services

Multilingual Connections is among one of the best providers of language services for Punjabi. We maintain a team of well-trained native speakers who can translate, transcribe and interpret the language. That includes moving from Punjabi to English and English to Punjabi. In fact, we can provide language services between Punjabi and any of our other 75 languages. We work with native speakers who are certified in their home country as translators, transcribers or interpreters to ensure the highest quality of work possible.

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Punjabi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with most of its speakers living in Pakistan and India.

The Importance of Punjabi

Punjabi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Most of its speakers live in Pakistan and India, but there are also many speakers in England, Canada and other nations. A large proportion of both business and cultural communication on the Indian subcontinent is conducted in Punjabi, and the growing economic importance of that region due to outsourcing makes it a critical language for international business.

Punjabi Translations

Using native speakers allows Multilingual Connections to translate any source document from Punjabi to another language, or the other way around. Each project also includes editing services to make the final product readable and clear. Our team will work with you if you need a set format for your Punjabi translations. The Punjabi translators who work with Multilingual Connections have experience with fields like business, law and research, so they can read and convey the complex, technical language of documents in those fields.

Punjabi Transcriptions

If you have a video or audio source file and you need Punjabi transcriptions of the dialog, Multilingual Connections is the place to look. We provide both transcriptions of Punjabi sources into other languages as well as transcription in Punjabi for source files originally in other languages. Our team of native speakers won’t be thrown off by accents, dialects or any other complexity of the spoken language. Similarly to our translations, our Punjabi transcriptions cover a wide breadth of fields, so you should expect your transcriber to be an expert in the vocabulary and jargon your source file uses.

Punjabi Interpretations

An interpreter is invaluable for any face-to-face or phone communication where one party speaks the language and the other does not. There is simply no substitute for real-time conversation, especially in business, and a certified Punjabi interpreter can make that possible even with a language barrier. Interpretation is one of our most popular services because we deploy interpreters all over the world for face-to-face Punjabi interpretations, and our work is fast and accurate thanks to our use of native speakers.

About the Punjabi Language

Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language with two writing systems: the Gurmukhi script and the Shamukhi system. They are used by Hindu and Muslim speakers of Punjabi, respectively. Punjabi has 100 million native speakers and is an official language in India and Pakistan.

Punjabi Dialects

Punjabi has seven main dialects defined by geographic regions. Many linguists consider the dialects spoken in the west as separate languages called Saraiki and Hindko. The low mutual intelligibility means that it takes a trained native speaker to be able to understand the various dialects and translate, transcribe or interpret them.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Punjabi Language Needs

Multilingual Connections has the best team for Punjabi language services because we combine high standards for quality with professionalism, respect for the customer and reasonable rates. If you need any transcription, translation or interpretation that involves Punjabi, then Multilingual Connections should be at the top of your list as the leading service provider.

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