Portuguese Language Services

Since 2005, Multilingual Connections has been meeting the needs of businesses and other organizations that require expertise in the Portuguese language. We provide exceptional translation, transcription and interpretation services at competitive rates. Our translation and localization work is not only available from Portuguese to English, but it also is provided from English to Portuguese and between Portuguese and numerous other languages.

Portuguese language translations, transcriptions and interpretations

The bulk of Portuguese speakers are located in Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

The Importance of Portuguese

The international trade prowess of Brazil has turned Portuguese into an important language for many businesses. After a few years of stagnation, Brazil shows strong signs of recovery, and its economic impact on the world economy will bring greater importance to its official language. Thus, many businesses will see an increased demand for professional Portuguese translation services in the years ahead.

Portuguese Translations

Multilingual Connections offers an unbeatable team of native-speaking translators and editors to translate your documents to and from Portuguese. You can expect the translation work to be of the highest quality, and our customer service to be excellent. Our translators are experienced at handling lengthy, and business-specific translation in various dialects of Portuguese. They routinely work in a variety of software platforms and formats, and your final formatting will be preserved. Editing and proofreading of all documents is included for all projects.

Portuguese Transcriptions

For those that work in audio and video, Multilingual Connections is here to help. We can transcribe audio and video files into a written transcript. We can simultaneously translate those files into another language or transcribe non-Portuguese audio/video into Portuguese. Our transcription expertise includes, focus group files, fieldwork, earnings calls, documentaries, life histories, and law enforcement/legal documents such as depositions, interrogations, jail calls and wiretaps.

Portuguese Interpretations

Whether meeting with native speakers from Brazil, Portugal or other locations, using Portuguese interpretation will help facilitate communication. Multilingual Connections provides interpreters for face-to-face meetings and conferences, and we provide phone interpreters for telephonic/OPI (over the phone) interpretation for conference calls and virtual interviews. Our interpreters have extensive legal, technical, business and medical knowledge. Using an experienced interpreter will bolster your ability to communicate well with Portuguese business partners in all spoken-language situations.

About the Portuguese Language

Portuguese is spoken by over 200 million native speakers and is one of the world’s leading languages. The bulk of speakers are located in Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. Portuguese is a direct descendant of Latin, much akin to Spanish, and utilizes the Latin alphabet.

Portuguese Dialects

The two main families of dialects for the Portuguese language are European and Brazilian Portuguese and each further breaks down into many different lesser used dialects. The differences between the various dialects are small and native speakers of both are able to understand one another. Even so, we have people who specialize in each of the major dialect families to ensure your translations, transcriptions and interpretations are true to the dialect.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Portuguese Language Needs

Both your business relationships and your bottom line will benefit from the professional language translation, transcription, and interpretation services we offer. When you take advantage of our Portuguese translations, transcriptions and interpretations, your company will benefit in several ways. First, a translator will make communications possible and practical that otherwise would not have been. Second, a good translator will greatly enhance the speed at which such communications take place, saving you valuable time. Third, keeping your Portuguese speaking business partners will connected will prevent needless misunderstandings and save you money.

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