Polish Language Services

At Multilingual Connections, we have a fully fluent language staff that is ready to assist in bi-directional translation, transcription and interpretation work to and from Polish. We understand the peculiarities of this complex language, including its highly inflected nouns, its numerous verb forms and its unusually free word order. Those doing business in Poland, and other locations where Polish is spoken, cannot afford to be tripped up by the difficulties of the language system.

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Polish is spoken by approximately 40 million people worldwide, most residing in Poland.

The Importance of Polish

Polish is spoken by approximately 40 million people worldwide, most residing in Poland, but some native speakers scattered abroad. The economic resurgence of Poland after the Cold War, coupled with its central position along trade routes between Russia and Western Europe, have given it a steadily increasing importance for import/export businesses¬†over the past years. This business boom has led to an increased importance of Poland’s language on the world stage.

Polish Translations

Multilingual Connections will provide you with an experienced Polish translator for both English to Polish and Polish to English translation work. We also have the ability to move fluently between Polish and various other languages. Our staff is well-versed in the translation needs of numerous Polish industries, such as mining, shipbuilding, textiles and tourism. We frequently handle a wide variety of document types, including legal documents, employee handbooks, educational texts and promotional materials.

Polish Transcriptions

We have the ability to transcribe your Polish audio and video files into a single or double column text. A single-column transcription can be prepared in either the source language or a second language. A double-column transcription would include a transcription in Polish and another language of the client’s choice. Whether you need to transcribe instructional videos, market-research recordings, earnings calls or any other audio or video communication, Multilingual Connections has the resources needed to accommodate you. Each word will be carefully recorded, and the final document will be carefully formatted to your specific needs.

Polish Interpretations

A certified Polish interpreter can comprehend and render Polish into English or any other language in real time. The interpreter will also possess the skills to put that other language into fluent Polish without undue delay. Our interpreters can travel to the location where you need their services or interpret over the phone. A high-quality interpreter is an indispensable aid for both in-person and over-the-phone business interactions, and our interpreters give you a convenient and affordable way to fulfill both of these pressing needs.

About the Polish Language

Polish is the largest West Slavic language and the second-largest Slavic language. Only Russian has more speakers. The Latin alphabet is used but with the addition of nine extra letters. Most speakers live in Poland, but neighboring countries have significant numbers of native speakers as well. After World War II, many Poles emigrated to nations all over the world and took their language with them. There are many Polish as a second language speakers residing in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Polish Dialects

After World War II, eastern Poles emigrated to western Poland bringing multiple dialects into close and constant contact. Since that time, the language has become much more uniform. Nonetheless, there are still four major regional dialects in the modern country of Poland. Greater Polish is spoken in western Poland, Lesser Polish in the south/southeast, Masovian in the central and eastern sections and Silesian in the southwest. Silesian is different enough from the other dialects that it is sometimes classified as its own separate language. Multilingual Connections has Polish language specialists able to work in each of the dialects and translate into whatever language you require.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Polish Language Needs

Multilingual Connections offers top Polish language services to both corporate entities and individuals. We have assembled a team of fluent linguistic specialists with meticulous training and a commitment to excellence. Our Polish-fluent translators, transcribers and interpreters can accommodate all of your Polish-language needs.

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