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If you need a language expert to help you with Pashto translation, transcription or interpretation, consider Multilingual Connections. Our agents provide high-quality linguistic services for our clients to help make them a success. Our Pashto specialists can provide services to translate from English to Pashto and from Pashto to English.

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Pashto is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan and is the second-largest regional language of Pakistan.

The Importance of Pashto

Pashto is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan and is the second-largest regional language of Pakistan. It is also the main language of Pashtuns living around the world. The total estimated number of Pashto speakers is approximately 45-60 million people worldwide. Primarily spoken in eastern, southern and southwestern Afghanistan, although it is also spoken in the northern and western regions of the country. Estimates show that Pashto is the mother tongue of 45-60 percent of the total population of Afghanistan. To facilitate communications during the Afghanistan war, sufficient Pashto interpreters were needed to help the Afghan military communicate effectively with American forces. A working knowledge of the language will be necessary as NATO continues working with the Afghan government to maintain peace.

Pashto Translations

We at Multilingual Connections can provide you with the best translation services on the market today. Our native Pashto speakers understand local dialects and the effective use of the language. By using cutting-edge translating technology, they are able to produce Pashto translations with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Our translators are both prompt and precise to ensure quality work in the timeframe you need it, no matter how complex the job. All translators for Multilingual Connections have American Translator Association certifications or an equivalent verification of their abilities and competence.

Pashto Transcriptions

Pashto transcription services include double-column transcription, interpretive transcription and monolingual transcription. We accommodate digital formats and will send your final transcript as a Microsoft Word document. We also accommodate special formatting needs. Our detail-oriented transcription team is dedicated to producing high-quality Pashto transcriptions for your needs.

Pashto Interpretations

The team of professionals at Multilingual Connections is aware of the high demand for quality Pashto interpretation services. In the global community of today, it is imperative to have accurate Pashto interpretation services to break through the language barrier. Interpreters are vital to the success of a growing global economy. They help prevent and clear up misunderstandings, promote the flow of business ideas between people of different languages and help facilitate the easy transfer of business information. Our Pashto interpreters are available for translation with in-person and telecom (OPI) interpretation services. We will provide interpretation services at conferences, medical meetings and multiple other places. Each certified Pashto interpreter is a native speaker and language specialist who understands the intricacies of the language and industry-specific terms.

About the Pashto Language

The Pashto language is part of the Indo-European family and is the native language of the Pashtun people who live in South-Central Asia. Other languages similar include Khotanese and Bactrian. Pashto is believed to date back to the eighth century, although some scholars say there is insufficient evidence to support this claim. Other spellings for Pashto include Pakhto, Pushto and Paxto.

Pashto Dialects

The Pashto language is divided into two dialects: southern and northern. The southern dialect is considered “soft.” The most distinctive of these dialects is Wanetsi. Other southern dialects include Masidwola, Banuchi and Khattak. “Hard” northern dialects include Khosti, Afridi, Wardak and Zadran-Mangal.

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