Oromo Language Services

Multilingual Connections provides English to Oromo and Oromo to English translations, transcriptions and interpretations for personal, legal and business use. Our professional staff can also provide translations into other target languages when necessary as well. Each of our language specialists is certified, friendly and dedicated to helping you do your job. Whether you want to access the Oromo-speaking market in Africa or translate personal documents for official use, Multilingual Connections can make it happen.

Oromo professional translators

Oromo is a native language used in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

The Importance of Oromo

The Oromo language is spoken across a large section of eastern Africa, with most speakers living in Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Given the huge boom in the Ethiopian economy in recent years, it would be incredibly useful to have the skills of a certified translator or interpreter if you want to explore all the business opportunities that this amazing country has to offer. In the diaspora community, an interpreter could be vital when it comes to meeting the needs of people who are not proficient in English.

Oromo Translations

All of our Oromo Translators are native speakers and certified by the American Translators Association or a similar international institution. They can provide you with Oromo translations for any variety of documents, from legal contracts to personal correspondence. Each translator is trained in the various dialects and can translate cultural concepts and ideas with ease, all while using some of the latest in translation technology to ensure the highest degrees of quality and accuracy.

Oromo Transcriptions

You can request Oromo transcriptions in audio and visual formats from one of our highly-qualified Oromo speakers. We provide monolingual transcription for Oromo (from audio to source text) as well as interpretive transcription into other languages. You can also rely on a combination of these two services, where our transcriber will transcribe audio and translate it into your target language. This can be extremely useful for business meetings, legal proceedings and personal use.

Oromo Interpretations

We offer Oromo interpretation services so that you can instantly bridge the language gap at conventions, trade shows, business meetings and other important occasions. Whether you need translations to or from Oromo , you can rely on a professional and knowledgeable certified Oromo interpreter who is completely fluent in both languages and has been specifically trained for the job.

About the Oromo Language

Used as a native language by approximately 26 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, Oromo belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language group and is spoken by the Oromo people. Until 1991, it was not taught in schools or used as an administrative language, but the establishment of Oromia region in Ethiopia has lead to an increased usage of the language. Oromo can be written in the Latin alphabet, the Arabic alphabet or the Ge’ez script, which is also used for Amharic, the officially recognized language of Ethiopia.

Oromo Dialects

There are several varieties of the Oromo language, with different dialects often appearing in different countries and regions. Eastern Oromo, one of the largest dialect groups, is primarily spoken in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, while Southern Oromo is widely spoken along the Kenyan-Ethiopian border. We can offer translators, transcribers and interpreters who are experienced with all dialects of the language.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Oromo Language Needs

Multilingual Connections works with native speakers of Oromo to provide professional translation, transcription and interpretation services for those who need it. You can rely on the best in the business to help you achieve your goals at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on the high standard to which we hold our translators and interpreters and trust that you’ll be satisfied with the work they do.

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