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At Multilingual Connections, our expert team is prepared to meet your Norwegian translation, transcription and interpretation needs. Since 2005, we have been providing professional language services to individuals and businesses in over 75 languages. Whether you need to translate from Norwegian to English, English to Norwegian or Norwegian to any of our other languages, we will fulfill your assignment quickly, accurately and at the industry’s most competitive rates.

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Norwegian is the official language of Norway and is spoken by over 5 million native speakers in addition to thousands more around the world.

The Importance of Norwegian

As the official language of Norway, Norwegian is spoken by over 5 million native speakers in addition to thousands more around the world. Norwegian is mutually intelligible with other Scandinavian languages including Danish and Swedish and is one of the official working languages of the Nordic Council, the international forum that unites the five Nordic countries. As one of the largest exporters of oil in the world, Norway is a critical international trade partner and proficiency in Norwegian is more important than ever.

Norwegian Translations

Staffed by native speakers, Multilingual Connections offers Norwegian translations with unsurpassed accuracy. All translators are certified by the American Translators Association or an equivalent agency in their home country. Trained to work in all professional settings, our team is fluent in business, legal, real estate and other technical documents. Regardless of complexity or dialect, our best Norwegian translators will complete your assignment efficiently with incredible attention to detail.

Norwegian Transcriptions

If you have an audio or video recording in Norwegian that requires transcription, our team is prepared to complete the job. Recordings that we are commonly assigned include legal testimony, marketing surveys, business meetings and biographical interviews. The native speakers on our staff are highly skilled at recording the nuances and dialects and can present the transcription both in the original language and interpreted into English or any of our other supported languages. Our Norwegian transcriptions are tailored to meet your professional needs at an affordable rate.

Norwegian Interpretations

The increased importance of Norwegian in international business has led to increased demand for interpreters in face-to-face meetings and conference calls. In addition to providing top-notch professional translations and transcriptions, Multilingual Connections provides certified Norwegian interpreters to accommodate the global demands of businesses and individuals. Experienced in business negotiations, our interpreters will facilitate fluid communication and eliminate misunderstandings in critical meetings and telecommunications.

About the Norwegian Language

Norwegian is a North Germanic language, mutually intelligible with Danish and Swedish and closely related to Faroese and Icelandic. This family of languages is also commonly referred to as the Scandinavian languages. Written Norwegian can take one of two forms, Bokmål (“book tongue”) or Nynorsk (“New Norwegian”). These two forms are regulated by the Norwegian Language Council and provide standards and regulations for how to correctly write in the language. The two written forms are mutually intelligible and are both widely used.

Norwegian Dialects

Norwegian has over 20 dialects and those are divided into five groups by region: West and South, North, East, Midland and Trøndelag. These dialects are all mutually intelligible in addition to the two Scandinavian languages understood by Norwegians, Danish and Swedish. Our professional translators are highly trained and can work fluently in any written or spoken dialect.

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Multilingual Connections is the best language service company for your Norwegian interpretations, translations and transcriptions. Whatever your needs, our professional linguists are highly skilled and will exceed your expectations in accuracy, speed and customer service. Our low rates cannot be matched by any comparable language company.

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