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Multilingual Connections encourages contact between businesses and other organizations and the more than 75 million Marathi speakers worldwide. Whether through translation, interpretation or transcription services, Multilingual Connections is the top source for high-quality, precise and knowledgeable translation to and from Marathi and English or from Marathi to any other language our top certified interpreters speak.

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More than 75 million people throughout Indian speak Marathi, making it the fourth most spoken language within India.

The Importance of Marathi

Marathi, the fourth most common language in India, is essential for business in the Indian states of Goa and Maharashtra. Goa is a wealthy target for travel and business alike. With beaches and world heritage sites that attract millions of visitors a year, tiny Goa is India’s wealthiest state; it boasts a per capita GDP more than twice that of the rest of the country. Maharashtra is a much larger state, both by area and population. More than 110 million people call Maharashtra or capital, Mumbai, home. Mumbai is the center of financial and banking industries in India as well as having its top film and entertainment studios.

Marathi Translations

Multilingual Connections offers superior Marathi translations by employing native speakers who not only speak the language but who are also familiar with both formal Marathi and the many spoken dialects of western India. All Marathi translators have credentials from the American Translators Association or another, similar organization based in the translator’s country of residence. Our translators do not just speak the language; they have experience and knowledge in legal, financial and scientific fields, which allows them the expertise to give extra care to those documents. Whether translating documents from English to Marathi or from Marathi to another language, Multilingual Translations offers the best customer experience by giving the most skilled translation.

Marathi Transcriptions

For connecting through the Marathi language using audio or video sources, Multilingual Connection’s transcription service offers flexible options. Marathi transcriptions may be made in three different ways for your convenience. Monolingual transcriptions are made when audio is transcribed into its source language. Interpretive transcriptions are made when an audio source is transcribed into any other language or when an audio source in another language transcribed into written Marathi. Double column transcriptions are made from an audio source in any language to produce two transcripts: one transcript in the original language of the audio and a copy of that transcript translated into a different language.

Marathi Interpretations

Our Marathi interpretation services facilitate people connecting despite a language difference, no matter the subject. Our certified Marathi interpreters offer more than just their skill with the language. They can speak clearly and intelligently to convey medical, legal or business concepts. Whether a business or organization needs help with an in-person meetings, teleconferences or virtual interviews over internet platforms, Multilingual Connection has the skills to offer the best interpreters.

About the Marathi Language

More than 75 million people throughout India speak Marathi. It is the official language of the Maharashtra and Goa states in India and one of the 23 official languages throughout all of India. Many great works of Indian literature, both ancient and modern, were written in Marathi. Marathi is written using the Balbodh style of the Devanagari script.

Marathi Dialects

There are 42 officially recognized dialects of spoken Marathi, which is one of the biggest challenges for interpreters. A standard Marathi dialect is used for academics, books and newspapers.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Marathi Language Needs

Marathi is essential to business in two of the most prosperous and influential states in India. Multilingual Connection’s top native speakers are the best for facilitating the communication necessary to capture this market. With the best quality and customer service, Multilingual Connections can offer the Marathi translation, transcription, and interpretation businesses need at highly competitive rates. Let our staff impress you with the quality of our customer service.

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