Mandinka Language Services

Multilingual Connections is among the best language services companies with experience translating, transcribing and interpreting the Mandinka language. Our deliverables are of the highest quality, and our company is the best value in the industry. Our team of trained experts can move from English to Mandinka, Mandinka to English and between Mandinka and any of the 75 other languages we cover. Our use of native speakers means that the final product we deliver is free from errors and captures more nuance than we would obtain if we used non-native speakers for our work.

Mandinka translation services

Mandinka is a tonal language with 1.3 million speakers spread throughout northwestern Africa.

The Importance of Mandinka

Mandinka is an important minority language throughout Northwest Africa with official recognition as such in Senegal. This is an area with many important exports, from gold to chocolate, so there are many sectors in industrial manufacturing and international trade that have a strong presence in the region. Anyone who wants to work in this industries needs to have access to language services for Mandinka.

Mandinka Translations

Our Mandinka translations work in both directions- from a source file in a different language to Mandinka, and from Mandinka to another language. The team at Multilingual Connections will also provide editing and proofreading to the translated document to ensure readability. You may also specify a certain format for the translated document that our team will follow to the letter. Multilingual Connections has Mandinka translators who have worked with business documents, legal documents and more, so that regardless of what field you are in, there will be an expert on staff familiar with any technical terminology you might need to work with.

Mandinka Transcriptions

Our Mandinka transcriptions work similarly to our translations. We can take a source video or audio file in Mandinka and transcribe it into a different language, or start from a source file in another language and transcribe it in Mandinka. There are many complexities in spoken language, such as accents, dialects, slang and colloquialism. These make transcribing challenging but are simple for our team, because our experts are all native speakers who are familiar with these constructions. We transcribe business recordings, legal proceedings, interviews, documentaries and much more.

Mandinka Interpretations

When you need to communicate with someone across a language barrier, and that barrier involves Mandinka, Multilingual Connections will provide a Mandinka interpreter to work with you in real time. Our certified Mandinka interpreters operate over the phone or in person to facilitate your communication. There is no equal for Mandinka interpretation when you need fluid, rapid conversation. That is exactly what we provide with our native speaker interpreters.

About the Mandinka Language

Mandinka is a part of the Niger-Congo family of languages and falls within the Mande category. It has three writing systems- the Latin alphabet, the Arabic alphabet, and N’Ko, a script written for Mande languages by Solomana Kante in 1949. Mandinka is a tonal language with 1.3 million speakers spread throughout northwestern Africa.

Mandinka Dialects

Mandinka does not have dialects, although it does have some mutual intelligibility with other languages of the region, such as Mandingo.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Mandinka Language Needs

Multilingual Connections should be your first choice for any translation, transcription or interpretation work you need regarding Mandinka. The language is complex and difficult to learn for outsiders due to its tonality, but our team of native speakers can perform any language task you might require. We pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver a consistent and high-quality set of services at reasonable rates with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. That quality has taken us to the top of the language services industry.

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