Macedonian Language Services

Multilingual Connections is a top provider of translation services for English to Macedonian, Macedonian to English and to and from any of our other 75 languages. We perform transcriptions and interpretations in addition to translations. We use highly trained native speakers to ensure that every deliverable is of the highest quality and free from error. Other companies use translators that are not native speakers, and that tends to mean the final product does not capture the spirit of the source material. We circumvent that problem by only employing trained native speakers.

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Macedonian is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Importance of Macedonian

Macedonian is a popular language in the Republic of Macedonia, where it is the official language, as well as in the nearby states of Albania and Serbia. For anyone who is doing business or research in that part of the Balkans, Macedonian is a critical language. Notably, Macedonia trades with Europe, exporting textiles, manufactured goods and food products, and international banking also takes place in Macedonia.

Macedonian Translations

Multilingual Connections maintains a team capable of translating many different source texts into and out of Macedonian. Whether they are legal documents, business communication or documentation for products, our translators provide the best translations. Our translators are comfortable with any format you prefer, so the process takes place at your convenience and to your specifications.

Macedonian Transcriptions

If you have an audio or video file and you need Macedonian transcription, our team is ready to assist you. Each Macedonian transcription expert on our staff is familiar with Macedonian slang, colloquialisms and accents. We can transcribe anything from business, law, social research, marketing, documentaries and more. We can transcribe files in Macedonian into a different language or take a source in a different language and provide a Macedonian transcription.

Macedonian Interpretations

If you are involved in any international relationship, whether business or otherwise, and there is a language barrier, then you know how important it is to have a good, reliable interpreter. A certified Macedonian interpreter, ready to work in person or over the phone, is always available to work with you. We serve customers all over Macedonia and the surrounding region for face to face interpretation, and our over the phone clients are global. There is no replacement for first-rate real-time interpretation.

About the Macedonian Language

Macedonian is a Slavic language. Macedonian become standardized when Macedonia was under the control of the USSR – in 1945, the Soviet authorities created Standard Macedonian as a formal, codified language. It has roughly two million speakers, who mostly live in the Republic of Macedonia itself or the nearby nations of the Balkans region.

Macedonian Dialects

There are nearly thirty dialects of Macedonian, which are mutually intelligible. Our skilled language experts understand the differences between each dialect and can translate to and from with accuracy and clarity. It is similar to Bulgarian, and, in fact, some dialects of Macedonian and Bulgarian are quite similar.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Macedonian Language Needs

Multilingual Connections offers the best language services at the lowest prices. We also pride ourselves on the customer experience and professionalism of our team. Translation is delicate work that demands a strong work ethic and healthy communication with you, the customer, and our translators are ready and able to do just that. Whether you need a translator, an interpreter or transcription work, Multilingual Connections has the best native speaking translators. No other company can match the quality of our service.

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