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The Lithuanian language experts at Multilingual Connections are available for your translation, transcription or interpretation needs. Our Lithuanian translators thoroughly and accurately translate English to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to English or Lithuanian to one of the more than 75 other languages we provide translation services for.

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Lithuanian is an official language of Lithuania, Latvia and the European Union.

The Importance of Lithuanian

Lithuanian is an official language of Lithuania, Latvia and the European Union. There are nearly 200,000 Lithuanian speakers living abroad in communities throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain, Sweden and Russia. Lithuania attracts many foreign investors and is pushing to become an innovation hub, so many technology firms have established a presence in the country.

Lithuanian Translations

The friendly, professional and detail-oriented Lithuanian translators at Multilingual Connections have native expertise in the language and provide high-quality translations in even the most highly specialized and technical fields. If you have a tight deadline, do not worry; we can quickly translate your document. We use a five-step process that includes editing and proofreading to ensure an accurate translation of your document. We provide files in any file format you request and will make any requested revisions within 30 days. All of our Lithuanian translators are certified by the American Translators Association or an equivalent professional organization in their home countries.

Lithuanian Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections is able to provide flexibility in our Lithuanian transcriptions of video and audio files. We accept all digital file types and offer monolingual transcriptions, interpretive transcriptions and double column transcriptions. We are happy to assist you if you are unsure which type of transcription you require, and we will make any revisions you deem necessary to the transcription within 30 days.

Lithuanian Interpretations

No matter where you need a certified Lithuanian interpreter, Multilingual Connections is able to accommodate. Our Lithuanian interpreters provide in-person interpretation anywhere in the country as well as interpretation over the phone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and we have experience providing interpretation services in a wide variety of settings including schools, hospitals, business meetings, conferences and legal settings. Our interpreters will help you communicate effortlessly across cultural and language barriers.

About the Lithuanian Language

Although Lithuanian is primarily spoken in Eastern Europe, it is not a Slavic language, as evidenced by the fact that its written form uses the Latin alphabet rather than Cyrillic. Rather, Lithuanian is a Baltic language. The only other Baltic language in existence today is Latvian. Scholars believe Lithuanian is the most conservative Indo-European language spoken today because of the thousands of words that are preserved from archaic languages. The official Dictionary of Lithuanian took nearly a century to complete, as it contains more than half a million entries! Many people enjoy the melodious quality of the Lithuanian language.

Lithuanian Dialects

There are currently two dialects of the language: Aukštaitian, or Highland Lithuanian, and Žemaitija, or Lowland Lithuanian, which is also called Samogitian. Samogitian is primarily spoken in the northwestern part of Lithuania. Both dialects also have three sub-dialects. The Samogitian dialect differs from the Aukštaitian primarily in verb conjugation, although there are many Samogitian words that are different. Aukštaitian is used in all classrooms and television broadcasts and all but one Lithuanian publication, so few Lithuanian speakers besides Samogitians understand Samogitian well, although efforts are currently underway to preserve the Samogitian language. At Multilingual Connections, we have specialists available for whichever dialect you require our services in.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Lithuanian Language Needs

In addition to helping you communicate effortlessly in any setting by providing speedy, accurate Lithuanian translation, transcriptions and interpretation services by language experts with native fluency, Multilingual Connections offers friendly customer service and competitive pricing that includes only paying for the exact services you need. We are committed to your satisfaction and consider your project finished only when you are satisfied with the results. .

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