Latvian Language Services

Multilingual Connections services global businesses and individuals with high-quality Latvian language services. Accurate translations, transcriptions and interpretations are offered at highly competitive rates by experts in the language. We translate from both English to Latvian and from Latvian to English, in addition to dozens of other languages mastered by Multilingual Connections employees.

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Latvian is the official language of the Republic of Latvia, home to over 2 million people.

The Importance of Latvian

Latvian is the official language of the Republic of Latvia, home to over 2 million people. Important Latvian industries include food products, textiles and information technology. The Latvian diaspora extends across the world with émigrés conducting business in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and many other nations.

Latvian Translations

Multilingual Connections employs experts in Latvian translations: native speakers who are fluent in both their home language and in English. Our staff is renowned for its efficient work and attention to detail; you can expect your translation to be accurate regardless of the length and complexity of the assignment. Translators employed by our company are certified by the American Translators Association or a comparable association in their home country. Our extended team has the capability to translate from Latvian to any of the languages offered by our company; this unmatched service enables your company to work with any number of global clients without fear of misunderstanding or delayed communication.

Latvian Transcriptions

Our team is unparalleled in the speed and accuracy of their Latvian transcriptions. As they are all native speakers, our employees are able to transcribe audio and video recordings in any dialect. We have experience with transcribing business agreements, fieldwork, marketing surveys, legal depositions and many other forms of recorded audio and video. Our transcribers are equally adept at turning English recordings into Latvian text to meet the needs of our clients.

Latvian Interpretations

In addition to written services, Multilingual Connections provides certified Latvian interpreters for face-to-face and phone communications. A Latvian interpreter provided by our company is well-versed in business, legal and technical communication and can facilitate all conversation between English and Latvian clients. The affordable rates of our Latvian interpreters will pay off in increased efficiency and expedited communication between all parties in your business transactions. Your business can work with confidence in the accuracy of our Latvian interpretations.

About the Latvian Language

In addition to being the state language of Latvia, Latvian is spoken by over 100,000 people around the world. It is a Baltic language, and its only close linguistic relative is Lithuanian. Written Latvian uses a similar orthography to English with the addition of several diacritical markings that indicate the softening of consonants and lengthening of vowels.

Latvian Dialects

A native speaker can be expected to understand all dialects of the Latvian language. Historic dialects like Livonian, Latgalian, and New Curonian are not widely used but are intelligible for all native speakers. Regardless of the dialect of your assignment, our translators will complete the work with the highest degree of accuracy.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Latvian Language Needs

The nuances and complexities of the Latvian language should not be handled by an amateur interpreter; your business will suffer in prestige and quality of work. The services provided by Multilingual Connections will ensure that your needs are met efficiently and accurately at competitive prices. Whether it is a one-on-one meeting, a lengthy legal document or an audio news broadcast, our translators are trained to complete the job successfully. Our translation services will empower you to open new avenues of business with Latvian speakers around the world.

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