Kurdish Language Services

Multilingual Connections has over a decade of experience in language services. We are a leading provider of translations, transcriptions and interpretations from English to Kurdish and Kurdish to English. In fact, we are familiar with over 75 different languages, and we can translate between any of those and Kurdish. We employ native speakers to ensure that all translations, transcriptions and interpretations are free of error. Our high standards for quality are the reason we have become the best source for language services.

kurdish language services for translations, interpretations, and transcriptions

The language has about 20 to 30 million speakers and is the primary language of the Kurdish people, who inhabit western Asia in Iraq, Turkey, Armenia and other nearby nations.

The Importance of Kurdish

The Kurdish language is the primary language of the Kurdish people, who inhabit western Asia in Iraq, Turkey, Armenia and other nearby nations. It is an important language for governments and businesses in those regions that need to communicate with Kurdish partners and community members.

Kurdish Translations

If you need a translation of a document from Kurdish to another language or the other way around, Multilingual Connections should be your first stop. We can translate any document, whether it is business-related, legal, research-oriented or anything else, and we can translate both to and from Kurdish. Our Kurdish translations are of the highest quality due to our use of native speakers, who can accurately translate idioms and similar challenging constructions without obscuring the original meaning of the source text.

Kurdish Transcriptions

In addition to translation services, Multilingual Connections also performs transcriptions of both video and audio files. Our transcription services include transcribing into other languages from Kurdish and vice versa. In the past, our Kurdish transcriptions have included life histories, interviews, documentaries, depositions, focus group feedback and much more. That is why our Kurdish transcription services are the best. We have more diversity of experience than our competitors, which enables us to provide you with informed and valuable transcriptions.

Kurdish Interpretations

For communicating with a partner in a different language, an interpreter is the best method for bridging the gap. Our Kurdish interpreters are available for work in a face to face context as well as over the phone. We make it easy to use one of our native speaker interpreters whenever you need to speak to another party and either they or you speak Kurdish. There is no equal for real-time Kurdish interpretation. The ability to grasp the full nuance of what your conversation partner is saying in real time is essential to true communication, openness and trust. That is exactly what Multilingual Connections provides, a certified Kurdish interpreter.

About the Kurdish Language

Kurdish has about 20 to 30 million speakers. Its origins are in the Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages, which also includes many modern European languages. Most speakers of the language are ethnic Kurds. It has four writing systems: one using the Latin alphabet, one in Cyrillic, one using the Armenian alphabet, and one using Arabic script.

Kurdish Dialects

Kurdish has several major dialects, and only a native speaker has the capacity to provide accurate translations involving Kurdish and its dialects. The dialects each arose in a different geographic region, and it is difficult for speakers of each dialect to understand each other without special training.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Kurdish Language Needs

If you need a Kurdish translator, transcriber or certified Kurdish interpreter, then only a well-trained native speaker will do. Our professionalism is unequaled, and we strive to provide the best customer experience. Come to Multilingual Connections first for any language services.

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