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Multilingual Connections is a leading language services company that has a decade of experience translating, transcribing and interpreting Khmer / Cambodian. That includes moving from Khmer to English, English to Khmer and between Cambodian and any of the over 75 other languages in our repertoire. We employ native speakers of Khmer / Cambodian to ensure that all of our deliverables are free from error and reflect the meaning of the source.

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Khmer, also known as Cambodian, is the official language of Cambodia.

The Importance of Khmer

Also known as Cambodian, it is the official language of Cambodia. There are also a significant amount of speakers of Cambodian in Vietnam and Thailand. Cambodia and the surrounding states are rising powerhouse for manufacturing, textiles and similar industries, so anyone doing business in the region within those industries will need a language specialist to assist with their business dealings.

Khmer Translations

Multilingual Connections has an experienced team of native speakers who are experts in translating technical Khmer documents from many different fields into other languages, as well as vice versa. Cambodian translations of source documents is a challenging task, but Multilingual Connections consistently delivers accurate and clean Khmer translations. We also proofread and edit all translated works to ensure that they are readable while conforming to any format you require. Our Cambodian translators are a cut above the rest because we only use trained native speakers of Khmer for our translation jobs.

Khmer Transcriptions

For our clients who have video or audio source files in a given language instead of text, we also have an extensive selection of Cambodian transcriptions that we perform. We provide three main types of transcription: transcription in a source language from the same source language (monolingual), transcription in a target language from a source language (interpretive) and monolingual transcription followed by translation of the source to a target language. Cambodian can be the source or target language in any of these tasks. The potential documents that can be sources include business communication like earnings calls or focus groups, legal sources like depositions and documentaries. It takes a native speaker to transcribe Khmer accurately without being thrown off by accents, dialects and other complexities of spoken Khmer.

Khmer Interpretations

A Khmer interpreter is invaluable to anyone who has business partners and is encountering a language barrier. There is simply no substitute for real-time Cambodian interpretations if you want fluid, responsive communication. Our certified Khmer interpreters can work over the phone or in person to help you achieve clear communication, and they are familiar with a diverse array of fields so that they will have no trouble with technical language.

About the Khmer Language

Khmer is an ancient language of the Mon-Khmer family. It is closely related to Lao, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and other local languages. Cambodian has a rich history in Southeast Asia. It has an abugida writing system and lacks any inflections or cases. Unlike other members of the Mon-Khmer family, Cambodian is not tonal. It has 13 million native speakers.

Khmer Dialects

Khmer has several distinct but mutually intelligible dialects. They tend to be defined by geographic regions, such as Central Khmer and Southern Khmer. The capital region has its own dialect called Phnom Penh Khmer. Understanding the differences in Khmer dialects is tricky for someone who is not a native speaker, and that gives an extra layer of challenge to working with Khmer.

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Multilingual Connections is proud to be the best company for Khmer language services. Our work in translation, transcription and interpretation is second to none in the industry, and our team consistently delivers high-quality results for our many customers.

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