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Multilingual Connections has an experienced staff of Karen translators that are trained to complete any assignment. With native speakers of 75 languages on our team, you can translate easily from Karen to English, English to Karen, or Karen to any other language. We offer competitive rates for services such as translation, transcription and interpretation. Whether you are working with complicated documents, negotiating business deals or transcribing interviews, we have the team to meet your needs.

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Karen is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Southeast Burma and Thailand.

The Importance of Karen

Karen is a family of languages spoken by eight million people in South and Southeast Burma and across the border in Thailand. Additionally, there are sizable populations of native speakers in foreign countries like the United States, Canada, Sweden and Australia. Karen is a language of political importance, as the community of native speakers desires an independent state from the Burmese government.

Karen Translations

The team at Multilingual Connections is well versed in the dialects and cultural background of the Burmese region, and can successfully complete your Karen translations regardless of complexity. Our translators are detail-oriented, ensuring that your document is completed with accuracy. We require certification by the American Translators Association or an equivalent international organization so that you only interact with the best translators on the market today. Proofreading and editing are included in our translation service to ensure accuracy in grammar and spelling.

Karen Transcriptions

We offer several options for audio and video transcription: monolingual, interpretive and double column transcriptions. Whether you want your Karen transcriptions preserved in the original language, translated to English or presented side-by-side, we have the service to complete your assignment. Our transcribers deal with a wide variety of source files including interviews, business negotiations, and law enforcement recordings.

Karen Interpretations

There is a high demand for Karen interpreters and Multilingual Connections has the team to fill the need. We employ several Certified Karen interpreters that can provide interpretations face-to-face or by telecommunication. Our native speakers are trained to work in any of Karen’s numerous dialects, enabling you to speak fluidly with confidence in your interpretation. You can rely on our translators to facilitate your Karen interpretations with accuracy and professionalism.

About the Karen Language

Karen is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Southeast Burma and Thailand. It is a tonal language with a syntax (subject-verb-object) that is unique to the region. The language is written using the Burmese script, used also for the Burmese language and liturgical Sanskrit. While heavily influenced by the Mon and Tai languages, Karen is one of the only regional languages to have no Chinese influence.

Karen Dialects

The Karen family of languages can be broken up into several dialects, which have been classified by two scholars: Ken Manson and Tadahiko Shintani. Manson classifies the languages by region: Peripheral, Northern, Central and Southern. Shintani classifies the languages by family: Pao, Kayah-Paduang, Bwe, and Sgaw-Pwo. Each of these dialects have varying degrees of mutual intelligibility. The Multilingual Connections team is trained to handle source materials of any origin, allowing you to submit documents and recordings from any region.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Karen Language Needs

Accurate translations are critical for your success and reputation in business, politics, or any other discipline. Multilingual Connections is unparalleled in providing high quality services at competitive rates. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, allowing you to work with comfort and confidence at every step in the process. Our team of native speakers will ensure that you increase efficiency, reduce misunderstandings, and improve profits in your Karen business ventures.

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