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The Javanese language experts at Multilingual Connections provide the highest quality translation, transcription and interpretation services for individuals and businesses. Whether needing translations, transcriptions or interpretations, our Javanese language experts will ensure thorough and accurate services. Our Javanese language specialists can provide services from/to Javanese and English or any of our other languages.

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Javanese is the language of the native people on portions of the island of Java in Indonesia, it is also widely spoken in Singapore and areas of Malaysia.

The Importance of Javanese

Javanese is currently the native language of over 98 million people, which equals nearly half the entire population of Indonesia. It is the first language of the native people of the central and eastern regions of the island of Java in Indonesia and is widely spoken in Singapore and areas of Malaysia. Javanese is used extensively in business and tourism. Southeast Asia is a center of international trade, with global exports of products such as oil, gas, mineral fuels, electronics and artistic crafts. As international business interests continue to grow throughout Southeast Asia, the Javanese language will continue to become more important for its use in trade, commerce negotiations and sales transactions.

Javanese Translations

Multilingual Connections provides the finest caliber translation services for the Javanese language. Our prices are cost-effective, and our language professionals offer translation services for legal contracts, business documents, website content, online educational modules, staff communications, marketing content and many other purposes. As native speakers, all our translators understand local dialects and usage. By utilizing updated translating technology, they produce language translations with highest degrees of contextual accuracy. They are exceptionally prompt and consistent, ensuring each client’s ultimate satisfaction through their excellent language comprehension skills. All translators have American Translators Association certification or equivalent verification in their countries of residence. Our translation team is detail-oriented and accustomed to handling the most complex translation projects.

Javanese Transcriptions

When you contact our team, expert linguists will provide you with finest quality audio and video Javanese transcriptions in Javanese text or any of the other languages we provide services for. Our services are very affordable and available for all your transcription requirements, even on short notice. Whether you need our assistance to transcribe marketing results, business agreements, legal depositions or audio and video content, we are pleased to be your Javanese language transcription specialists. We offer monolingual, interpretive and double column transcription expertise and accommodate any and all digital formats. Our transcription team is highly experienced, detail-oriented and dedicated to ensuring high caliber Javanese language transcriptions to satisfy your specific goals and needs.

Javanese Interpretations

Our language professionals know the value of quality Javanese interpretation services. In our global business and social world today, accurate interpreters are essential to valid communications. They break through language barriers, correct misunderstandings and facilitate the free flow of ideas, knowledge and business interactions. Our Javanese language interpreters provide in-person and telecom (OPI) interpretation expertise 24/7/365. Our team will provide linguistic assistance at business conferences, legal or medical meetings, academic settings and many other locations. Each Javanese interpreter is a native speaker and certified language specialist fully capable of handling the vocabulary and particularities of specific fields and areas of industry. We offer competitive rates, and each certified Javanese interpreter is available and prepared for last-minute assignments. We value the opportunity of being your professional Javanese language interpretation specialists.

About the Javanese Language

Originating on the isle of Java in Indonesia, Javanese is spoken by 98 million people today. Nearly 45 percent of the Indonesian population use the language, and many of them are of Javan descent. Javanese communications are used in many areas of Malaysia and Singapore. As a result, the language is now having a strong impact on the modern usage development of the Indonesian language. The Javanese language is traditionally transcribed in Javanese script. The Javan and Balinese scripts are modern variations of the ancient Brahmic script, Kawi.

Javanese Dialects

People with Javanese heritage in Suriname, the former Dutch colony, speak a creole language that evolved from Javanese. The modern form of Javanese language has three primary dialects—Eastern, Western and Central. Different dialects share a general level of understanding. No matter which dialect you need translations, transcriptions or interpretations for we have language specialists able to do the work.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Javanese Language Needs

All our Javanese translations experts, quality transcribers and experienced interpreters have the training, expertise and experience to handle all your needs concerning this fascinating Southeast Asian language. With their highly proficient services for in-person meetings, telecom sessions and video-conferences, you can be assured of completely accurate and reliable services. As highly qualified, native speakers in each language pair, our expert Javanese team provides exceptional results for all linguistic services performed. Javanese translations, interpretations and transcriptions projects are completed efficiently and swiftly, even on short notice, and all fees are quite affordable. Our professional team is ready to partner with you, solving all Javanese language needs that may arise in your business, social or individual endeavors.

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