Japanese Language Services

Multilingual Connections offers a wide range of Japanese translation, transcription and interpretation services to individuals, businesses and professionals worldwide. Our team of translators and transcriptionists are available to assist you with all of your Japanese translation and transcription projects. Whether you have a one-time or on-going need, members of our team are available to help translate and transcribe audio tapes, documents, legal contracts, marketing materials, videos and websites. We also offer in-person, telephonic and virtual interpretation services as well.

Approximately 125 million people speak Japanese worldwide, most residing within Japan.

The Importance of Japanese

The demand for English to Japanese, Japanese to English and Japanese to other languages interpretation services has increased significantly over the years. Japan has become a major exporter in the international marketplace. Japan is at the top of many major industries, including but not limited to the automotive, consumer electronic, pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Japanese Translations

Multilingual Connections offers superior Japanese translation services. Our native Japanese translators are certified by either the American Translators Association or similar organization in Japan. Our teams of translators are highly efficient, extremely dependable and have the requisite technical knowledge and experience to translate a wide range of documents. Whether you are involved in a small or large business transaction, need legal documents translated or need other documents to be translated from Japanese to English or any other language, our translators are here to assist you.

Japanese Transcriptions

In addition to our translation and interpretation services, we also offer monolingual, interpretative and double column Japanese transcription services. Whether you need audio, in-person or video Japanese transcriptions, we are here to assist you with your next project. Our transcriptionists are available for court cases, interrogations, depositions, documentaries, focus groups, hearings, interviews, investigations, jail calls and police investigations that involve wiretapping. In addition, all of our transcriptionists can also complete and format all of your projects for you in any digital format.

Japanese Interpretations

Our Japanese interpreters are skilled linguists that offer translation services in all the various dialects. Our interpreters can offer services in-person or in a virtual environment. Whether you need an interpreter for an upcoming convention, local or international event, meeting, trade show or in another setting, all of our interpreters have the requisite experience, skills and knowledge to offer superior interpretation services anytime you have a need.

About The Japanese Language

Approximately 125 million people speak Japanese worldwide. Although most people who speak Japanese reside in Japan, the number of people who speak the language outside of Japan is steadily climbing. The Japanese language is related to the Japonic language family. Currently, there are three different types of Japanese writing systems; Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji. Both Katakana and Hiragana are Kana systems that feature distinctive syllabary.

Japanese Dialects

Although there are a variety of dialects, there are only two major groups found in the East and West. The most popular dialect is the Tokyo-type dialect, and the other dialect is Kyoto-Osaka. Out of the two dialects, Tokyo is used the most frequently in business. Our team has experience with all of the dialects and can assist with your translation, transcription or interpretation needs in any of the Japanese dialects.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Japanese Language Needs

Our main priority is to offer superior Japanese translation, transcription and interpretation services that are designed to help individuals, businesses and professionals communicate more effectively and meet their goals. No matter what type of business you own or services you provide, we encourage you to take the time to learn more about all of our services today. When you choose our company, you have the added reassurance that you will have a qualified and dependable team of translators, transcriptionists, interpreters and staff members to assist you with all of your projects.

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