Ilocano Language Services

Multilingual Connections has provided industry-leading language services since 2005. Our team of native speakers of Ilocano perform translations, transcriptions and live interpretations. Our clients are businesses and private individuals in a wide variety of fields who need to communicate in Ilocano. We move between Ilocano to English, English to Ilocano and between Ilocano and any of our over 75 other languages. Our deliverables are of the highest quality, free from errors and mistakes in translation, grammar, spelling or syntax.

Multilingual Connections can provide professional Ilocano translations, transcriptions and interpretations to your organization.

Ilocano is an official language of the province of La Union.

The Importance of Ilocano

Ilocano is the third most popular language in the Philippines and is an official language of the province of La Union. A large part of the native population in that region speaks Ilocano, so anyone who is doing business in that area, conducting research, working in law or otherwise involved in communication with locals will need access to language services.

Ilocano Translations

Multilingual Connections has many Ilocano translators on staff for any needs you might have. Our trained native speakers are familiar with the technical language of many different fields, so you never need to worry that your task is too complex for us. Furthermore, if you have a specific format in mind or you want your Ilocano translations for a specific software, we will accommodate your needs.

Ilocano Transcriptions

Ilocano transcriptions are more advanced than translations because they require a solid understanding of the spoken language. Multilingual Connections performs three different kinds of transcriptions: from a source audio or video file to a transcription in the same language, from the source to a transcription in a new language, and from a source to a transcription in the same language followed by translation into a new language. If any of these steps involves Ilocano or one of our 75 other languages, then we are the best company for the job.

Ilocano Interpretations

Ilocano interpretation is the most advanced language service we offer. If you are communicating with someone across a language barrier and one of the parties speaks Ilocano, then there is no match for live interpretation. Nothing else works as well to facilitate conversation. Our team of certified Ilocano interpreters can work over the phone or in person, whichever you need. You may rest assured that your Ilocano translator will be fast, accurate and professional.

About the Ilocano Language

Ilocano is Austronesian, making it related to Indonesian, Malay, and other native languages of the Pacific islands. It uses an enhanced Latin alphabet for a writing system, and also has a Braille version for the blind. Ilocano has about seven million native speakers.

Ilocano Dialects

There are two dialects in the Ilocano language. The Northern dialect has five vowels, while the Southern one adds an additional vowel. This can make understanding spoken Ilocano difficult for someone who is not a native speaker and does not understand the differences between the dialects.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Ilocano Language Needs

Multilingual Connections has the best language services for several reasons. First of all, we have a reputation for quality, and that is thanks to our use of native speakers. We believe that only a native speaker can be the best Ilocano interpreter, translator or transcriber possible. We also strive to provide the best customer experience through reasonable rates and a professional culture. Our team always puts the needs of the customer first, and each member has their own specialization. So regardless of what kind of technical terms you might use, there is an expert on our staff who is capable of working with you. Our dedication to quality is the reason we lead the industry.

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