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Since 2005, Multilingual Connections has been providing businesses and organizations that need expertise in the Hungarian language with top-notch transcription, translation and interpretation solutions at affordable rates. Our translation and localization services are available from English to Hungarian and vice versa, as well as various other languages.

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Hungarian is a language with over 13 million native speakers with most of them residing in Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia.

The Importance of Hungarian

Hungarian is a language with over 13 million native speakers. As a member of the European Union, Hungary is involved in the design of the societal, political and financial life of Europe. Hungary is a part of many growing industries and demand for Hungarian exports within those industries will steadily increase in the coming years. Foreign investments in Hungary’s industries is on the rise and will continue to increase steadily over time. All of this makes Hungarian translation services highly soft after by companies with partnerships and doing business in Hungary’s expanding economic market.

Hungarian Translations

Multilingual Connections’ team of experienced Hungarian translators are highly capable of translating your Hungarian text to English or any of the other languages we offer services. All of our translations are performed at the highest level of quality, and our customer service is unparalleled. Our Hungarian translators use the latest technology to ensure your translations are as accurate as possible and will format the final documents to your specifications. Our team can translate everything from business contracts to highly technical scientific studies.

Hungarian Transcriptions

Multilingual Connection transcribers can take your audio or video and convert it to written text. We can concurrently convert those written documents from Hungarian to English or provide the transcription in both the original language and a target language. Our transcription experience includes working with focus group materials, fieldwork, income calls, documentaries, biographies and legal documents such as interrogations, depositions, prison calls and wiretaps.

Hungarian Interpretations

When interacting with Hungarian speakers from Hungary, Slovakia or other areas using a certified Hungarian interpreter will ensure smooth communications with your business partners and associates. We offer interpreters for in-person gatherings, interviews and conferences, or we are able to interpret over the phone. Our interpreters possess ample technical, legal, business and medical expertise. By working with one of our Hungarian interpreters your company will bolster your ability to communicate with your Hungarian business partners in all spoken-language situations.

About the Hungarian Language

Hungarian joins Finnish and Estonian as a Uralic language and is one of 24 official languages of the European Union. There are an estimated 13 million native speakers worldwide, with most of them residing in Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia. Although it uses the Latin alphabet, it is more grammatically similar to Asian languages than most other European languages. Hungarian has a reputation as being a “difficult” language, due to its complex grammar and verb conjugation patterns as well as its lack of transparency in naming nouns.

Hungarian Dialects

The eight primary families of dialects for Hungarian are Northeast, Northwest, Plain, Danube-Tisza, West Danube, King’s Pass, Székely and West, with a ninth dialect called Csángó in eastern Romania. Except Csángó, the variations among the different dialects are minor and native speakers of each are capable of understanding one another. Nevertheless, our team includes individuals who are skilled in each of the distinct dialect families to guarantee your translations, transcriptions and interpretations accurately reflect each dialect.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Hungarian Language Needs

Your business interactions, as well as your business itself, will benefit from the skilled language translation, transcription, and interpretation services Multilingual Connections provides. By using our translation, transcription and interpretation service your business will benefit greatly. Communicating with your Hungary business partners will become a fast, easy process, saving you time and money.

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