Hebrew Language Services

Multilingual Connections has been a leading company for translation, transcription and interpretation services since 2005. We offer services for both Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew, as well as a variety of other languages, with fair prices and industry-leading customer service.

multilingual has transtors, interpreters and trianscrbers for the hebrew language

Hebrew is the official language of Israel and is spoken by over 9 million people throughout the world.

The Importance of Hebrew

Hebrew is one of the world’s most influential languages. Three major world religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) consider the Old Testament one of the major foundational works of their faith. In addition, diplomatic relationships with Israel require fluent knowledge of the language. Last, many businesses have locations in Israel, the country where this language is primarily utilized. In addition, Jewish people around the world speak it, many times as a first or only language.

Hebrew Professional Translations

Multilingual Connections is the industry leader for Hebrew translations. Our native speakers are able to translate ancient writings, websites, legal contracts, medical documents, marketing materials, business communications and more. Whatever your purpose, we have a native-speaking translator who can quickly and accurately deliver the documents you need. Our translators understand a variety of dialects as well as the cultural phrases and idioms that are often difficult to translate. We also have translators that are skilled in technical and specialty fields for accurate translation of complex material.

Hebrew Audio & Video Transcriptions

Whether you need Hebrew transcriptions of audio or video material, we have the services you need. We can transcribe audio and video files into a text document in the language of your choice. Our Hebrew transcribers offer accurate, professional quality transcription at affordable rates with friendly customer service and fast turn-around time. We can transcribe the audio and video from entertainment materials, court proceedings, business meetings and more.

Hebrew Interpreting

Many people need Hebrew interpretations for a teleconference, meeting or live event, we have you covered. Our interpreters can translate via telephone, web conference, or in person. We hire native Hebrew speakers who are also fluent in English so you can get the accurate interpretation services that you need in real time. Whatever the reason for your need of a Hebrew interpreter, we have a native speaker ready to help, whether in person or otherwise.

About the Hebrew Language

Hebrew is spoken by a 9 million people throughout the world, including 7.4 people in Israel. Israel and the United States have the most Hebrew speakers of any nations. Ancient and Modern versions of the language are both written using the Hebrew alphabet, which is one of the world’s oldest known alphabets that is still in common use. The form of written Hebrew used for different dialects is slightly different, so having a native speaker translate is most important.

Hebrew Dialects

There are three main dialects are: Biblical or Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. While Modern Hebrew is the most common dialect as well the official language of Israel, both Biblical and Medieval Hebrew are still needed to understand academic and theological texts, many of which are considered the basis of Western Civilization. We offer fluent speakers of all three dialects for Hebrew translation, transcription and interpretation services.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Hebrew Language Needs

Our Hebrew experts can assist with all of your Hebrew language needs. Hebrew remains an important language worldwide, especially in religious and academic contexts, so fluent language services with fast and accurate delivery are necessary for many fields. We offer the cost-effective language services you need with the highest quality and fastest completion times in the industry.

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