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Multilingual Connections offers professional translation, transcription and interpretation in the Gujarati language. All of the Gujarati language service specialists we work with are native speakers, certified by the American Translators Association or the equivalent in their home country. Whether you are looking for language services in English to Gujarati, Gujarati to English or Gujarati to another language, Multilingual Connections is capable of handling your project.

gujarati translations, transcriptions, and interpretations

Gujarati has 65.5 million native speakers, including 4.5% of India’s population, and is spoken in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Importance of Gujarati

Gujarati is primarily spoken in India, but its use has extended into parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. As one of the many official languages of India, it is becoming increasingly important as more businesses outsource labor to India. With native speakers living in areas where multiple languages are spoken, it is important for companies and individuals to cater to all languages.

Gujarati Translations

Our Gujarati translators are native speakers with an understanding of dialects and metaphors. With the latest technology, they can ensure speed and accuracy. All of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association or their home countries’ equivalent. The Gujarati translators we work with have an understanding of specialized fields and have the background needed to translate technical texts.

Gujarati Transcriptions

We also offer professional Gujarati transcriptions at an affordable price. Whether you want transcriptions of video footage, legal proceedings, earnings calls or other audio/video transcriptions, we are happy to assign a certified professional in the Gujarati language to help. We offer a flexible array of options such as monolingual, interpretive or double column transcriptions.

Gujarati Interpretations

If you are looking for a certified Gujarati interpreter, you are in the right place. Our interpreters can interpret over the phone or in person. You can schedule an interpreter to appear at legal settings, conferences, business meetings, hospitals, schools and any other locations you require. Our interpreters are not just bilingual; they offer industry specific knowledge and vocabulary for an array of different fields and can demonstrate simultaneous and consecutive interpreting skills.

About the Gujarati Language

There are 65.5 million native speakers worldwide, including 4.5% of India’s population, and it is also spoken in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gujarati is the 27th most spoken language worldwide. It is an indo-Aryan language from the West Indian region of Gujarat. Descended from old Gujarati, it is the primary official language of the region of Gujarat and an official language of the union territories of Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The writing system employed by this language is similar to other languages using Nāgarī writing systems. Native language speakers in Gujarat’s Kutch district use the same alphabet as Farsi and Arabic to write the language.

Gujarati Dialects

There are several dialects of Gujarati including Gamadia, Kakari, Kathiyawadi, Kharwa, Parsi, Standard Gujarati, Tarimuki and Surati. Hindu Gujarati is the dialect that the government had adopted as the standard version, and the one taught in schools. Parsi Gujarati, the language spoken by the Zoroastrian Parsis, admits a lot of Persian words into its vocabulary. There are also Diasporic dialects which are used by populations outside of India, where populations of native speakers from India migrated to, such as East Africa. Some linguists consider Kutchi as a dialect of the language as well.

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Multilingual Connections is an excellent source for professional translation, transcription and interpretation services by highly certified professionals. Our services are offered at competitive rates, and our translators, transcriptionists and interpreters have an understanding of the multiple dialects and writing systems used by native speakers.

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