Greek Translation & Intrepretation Services

For reliable, detail-oriented and efficient Greek translation services, look no further than Multilingual Connections. Our team of fully qualified native-speaking translators is equipped to handle translations from Greek to English, English to Greek and between Greek and any one of the many other languages we routinely translate.

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The Importance of Greek

Around 13 million speakers around the world speak modern Greek, many of whom are accustomed to conducting their affairs solely in their native tongue. An official language of Greece, Cyprus and the European Union, Greek is also recognized as a minority language in eight countries: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Turkey and the Ukraine. Greek has a long history of international importance, and it boasts a longer documented history than any other Indo-European language. In modern use, it remains vital for companies and organizations looking to connect with sizable Greek-speaking populations around the world.

Professional Greek Translations

When it comes to Greek translations, our team of experts draws on decades of experience delivering translated documents of impeccable quality. On every project we undertake, our professional translators balance speed and efficiency with quality. Each translator draws on in-depth knowledge of broad themes and niche subjects, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate language, no matter how arcane or obscure your organization’s area of interest. When time is of the essence, we can process rush orders and return a polished, fluent translation incredibly fast. Each of our professional translators is fully qualified by the American Translators Association or by his or her home country’s respective professional organization.

Greek Audio & Video Transcriptions

For Greek-language audio files, our transcription team is on hand to produce top-quality Greek transcriptions. Depending on your needs, we offer three different forms of transcription. We can simply transcribe audio content into written form. Should you need the audio written out in a distinct target language, our transcription professionals can directly translate as they transcribe, producing a text in English, Greek or any other language of your choosing. Finally, for those requiring more comprehensive textual transcriptions, we offer double-column transcription services. In these cases, we transcribe both the audio content in its original language as well as the secondary target language. Both texts are produced “side-by-side”, for easy reference.

Greek Interpretations

When you need a foreign language speaker right away, look to our Greek interpretation services. Our team of Greek interpreters is available for in-person or telephonic interpretation services, making it possible for high-quality interpretation regardless of your location or the time of day. Whether for a business meeting or a medical consultation, numerous multilingual situations can benefit from the assistance of an interpreter. By avoiding misunderstandings and facilitating easy communication, your company or organization stands to prevent potentially disastrous problems down the line.

About the Greek Language

Greek is an Indo-European language and forms part of the Hellenic language family. It uses a writing system, derived from Phoenician script. In turn, the Greek alphabet formed the basis of the Latin, Cyrillic, Coptic, Gothic and Armenian writing systems. During classical antiquity, Greek was a major language of trade and governance, used throughout the Mediterranean region and beyond. Today, words in numerous languages can be traced back to Greek roots.

Greek Dialects

The Greek language has two primary groups of dialects: Ancient Greek and Modern Greek. Within the Modern Greek language, individual dialects largely break down along regional lines. While dialects can vary widely in vocabulary or pronunciation, our team of translation and interpretation professionals is well equipped to work with all dialects of the Greek language.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Greek Language Needs

We have been in business for over a decade, providing top-rate services to various industries including healthcare, government, manufacturing, non-profits, travel and tourism, human resources and many more. Choosing our high-quality Greek translation, transcription and interpretation services would provide seamless international communication and allow you to expand your horizons across nations – an absolute must in today’s globalized economy. In addition to our high quality of service, we offer competitive rates, professional and friendly staff and speedy turnout to ensure you and your business remain at maximum efficiency.

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