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Multilingual Connections is a premium provider of German language translation, transcription and interpretation services. Aiding businesses and organizations around the world with their multilingual needs, we aim to combine reliable service with fair pricing and rapid, flexible responsiveness.

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German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. It is the official language of 7 countries and a minority language in in 4 additional countries.

The Importance of German

With around 100 million native speakers, German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Its widespread use is evident due to its official use in 7 countries, and its recognition as a minority language in an additional 4 countries. Online, German is the third most widely used language. After English, German is widely recognized as the second official scientific language. Likewise, the economic strength of several German-speaking countries marks its global importance in the financial, economic, and industrial sectors.

Professional German Translations

Our certified team of native speaking professionals, draws on decades of combined industry experience to deliver accurate German translations. Every translator on our team holds full certification from either the American Translators Association or from their own country’s respective professional organization. Our team is well trained in a range of niche subjects, allowing them to handle highly technical or jargon-packed documents on a wide array of themes. All of our translators are experienced in using the latest forms of translation technology to ensure optimized quality control and work of the highest quality. When a quick turnaround is necessary, we can also provide rush translation services.

German Audio & Video Transcriptions

For German-language audio recordings, our team of transcribers is equally equipped to render the recordings into text format in the language of your choosing. We are capable of working from either audio or video footage. Our seasoned and native-speaking transcription team can easily understand variations due to differences in dialects and accents. As with text translation, our transcription team is also well versed in working on a range of subjects, making it possible to produce accurate texts on obscure or technical themes. Transcription is possible in three different ways: we can offer monolingual transcriptions, simply producing a text version of your recording in the same language; we can provide interpretive transcription, directly translating the audio content into the target language while we transcribe it; we can even create a double-column transcription, in which you receive the full transcription both in the original language and the target language. As with all of our services, we are glad to consult with you to determine the best option for your purposes.

German Interpretation

For your real-time interpretation needs, look to a certified German interpreter to provide vital services during business meetings, hospital consultations, law proceedings, or any other occasion needed by your organization. Both in-person and telephonic German interpretation services are available. This means that we can assist your company, regardless of the hour or the location. Each native German interpreter has the ability to draw on wide-ranging industry experience, making it possible to quickly translate in-depth subjects from or into German.

About the German Language

The German language belongs to the Germanic language family, together with the English, Dutch, Scandinavian, Luxembourgish, and Frisian languages. Historically, German has regularly been used as a lingua franca in the Western World, particularly in the fields of science and philosophy. Its dominance is still apparent in educational systems; after French and Spanish, German is the third most frequently taught foreign language in English-speaking countries.

German Dialects

German can be divided into two major forms: German and Low German. Each form can be further divided into dozens of regional dialects. High German dialects include Swabian, Alsatian, Austro-Bavarian, and High Franconian. Considering the extensive geography covered by German-speaking countries, much of it with decentralized history of rule, it’s hardly surprising how much linguistic variation exists within the language.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your German Language Needs

Multilingual Connections is devoted to providing German translation services of unimpeachable quality. Among our full array of top-quality translation services, our team of native speakers regularly translates German to English and English to German. In addition, we can provide reliable and flawless translations between German and an extensive list of other languages.

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