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Multilingual Connections has spent the past decade assisting individuals, businesses and other organizations with their language needs. We offer quality translations, transcriptions and interpretations from French to English, English to French, and between French and over 75 other languages.

multilingual offers french translations, transcriptions and interpretations

It is the official language of France. It is also the official language of 28 other countries around the world.

The Importance of French

French is an official language of 29 countries around the world. It is also a widely spoken language in several regions of the world where it is not an official language. Approximately 20% of the European Union’s population speaks the language, making it the fourth most spoken language in the European Union. It is the official language of France and parts of Belgium, as well as one of four official languages of Switzerland. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination, making it a key language for the tourist industry. The chemical industry is also very important in France as well. Banking and financial services are also important throughout French-speaking nations in Africa, making it an important language in those industries as well.

Professional French Translations

Multilingual Connections offers services by professional translators who are native speakers with an understanding of idioms, metaphors and different dialects. They also have the background necessary to translate even the most difficult texts in specialized and technical fields. The latest technology ensures that the translations we provide are as accurate as possible and delivered to you quickly. The translators we work with are all certified by the American Translators Association or their home countries’ equivalent.

French Audio & Video Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections offers the highest quality audio and video transcriptions. From legal, to market research, we have experience in a broad range of industries. With a choice between monolingual transcription, interpretive transcription and double-column transcription, we allow you to choose the right option for you so that you only pay for what you need.

French Interpretation

Multilingual Connections also offers interpretation services, both over the phone and in person. Our over-the-phone French interpreters are available 24 hours a day on any day of the year. Our in person interpreters have provided their services in schools, business meetings, conferences, hospitals and a variety of other settings. The interpreters we work with are all native speakers, so you get the best results every time.

About the French Language

There are 77 million native French speakers in Europe alone, and over 140 million people speak it as a second language. Africa has over 115 million speakers, making it a very important language in most African countries. Throughout the world, 29 countries list it as an official language. It is also spoken throughout most of Europe and many other regions of the world, and is the fourth most spoken language of the European Union. French is written with the Latin alphabet, making it similar to other romance languages.

French Dialects

There are many different dialects of French. Several varieties of African, Asian, European and Canadian French are found worldwide, the African varieties being too many to categorize. The different dialects are dissimilar enough for there to be misunderstandings though many of them are mutually intelligible. Multilingual Connections has specialists in the many of these dialects to assure that your translations, transcriptions, and interpretations are accurate every time.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Language Needs?

Multilingual Connections offers only the best translation, transcription and interpretation for any organization’s language needs. The work is done promptly by translators and interpreters who are certified and have the necessary background to translate in many different specialized fields. You can make us your partner for all your language needs and always expect a high-quality outcome.

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