Finnish Language Services

Multilingual Connections is a premium provider of Finnish translation, transcription, and interpretation services for clients worldwide. To ensure translation work of the utmost quality to each of our clients, we rely on a highly qualified and fully certified team of experienced, native-speaking translation professionals. Our team draws on ten years of experience informing each one of our translation projects, however complex or obscure the task.

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Finnish is the official language of Finland and an official minority language of Sweden.

The Importance of Finnish

Finnish is one of the most unique languages in the world, part of the Uralic and Finnic language families. As the official language of Finland and an official minority language of Sweden, it is spoken as the native language of over 5 million speakers, including Finnish emigrants residing throughout the world. Given the stark contrast between the Finnish language and Indo-European languages, translation is vital to numerous circumstances involving native speakers and Finland-based companies or organizations.

Finnish Translations

At Multilingual Connections, we strive to provide Finnish translation services of the highest quality. Our team of native translators is fully trained to provide detail-oriented and polished work on an extensive range of niche themes. Our translators are all certified by the American Translators Association or by the respective professional organization of their home countries, ensuring that you can rely on our Finnish translations 100 percent.

Finnish Transcriptions

If you need audio or video files transformed into texts, our team of experts can quickly produce Finnish transcriptions of exceptional quality. Depending on your particular needs, our capable transcription experts offers three different services. For the simplest needs, we can provide direct transcription of audio files into text format in the original source language. Should you require transcription and translation, we can directly transcribe your audio content into the target language. Finally, for those requiring a more complete text record, we can offer double transcriptions, with side-by-side texts in both the original and the target language.

Finnish Interpretations

Reliable Finnish interpretation is necessary whenever on-the-spot translation is necessary. Our team of Finnish interpreters is equipped to assist at business meetings, medical consultations, governmental issues, legal proceedings, and whatever the needs of your organization. Offering both in-person and telephonic interpretation, we can ensure that a certified Finnish interpreter is on hand for your needs, any time of day and anywhere in the world.

About the Finnish Language

An eponymous member of the Finnic language family, part of the Uralic family, Finnish is closest to Estonian, Livonian, Karelian, and a number of other languages spoken in the regions surrounding the Baltic Sea. Of these less spoken languages, many are considered “endangered”. A slightly more distant relation to Finnish, Hungarian also forms part of the Uralic language family. Together with Estonian, they are the three most widely spoken languages within the Uralic group.

Finnish Dialects

Within the language, numerous regional dialects can be discerned. These individual dialects are largely geographically delineated. In broad terms, they can be classed into two subsets: Eastern and Western dialects. Aside from regional dialects, Finnish can also be subdivided into two major forms: standard and spoken language. In essence, the Finnish used in conversation bears significant differences from the language used in printed materials or formal forms of address. Our team of Finnish translators and interpreters is capable of working with both forms of the language.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Finnish Language Needs

Given the relatively small pool of Finnish native speakers worldwide, finding a reliable and skillful translator can be difficult. Our team of experts is able to offer the unique and valuable skill set, translating from English to Finnish, Finnish to English, and between Finnish and an extensive list of other world languages.

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