Farsi Language Services

For the past decade, Multilingual Connections has been assisting businesses and other organizations in acquiring the expertise needed to work with native Farsi speakers. We provide excellent Farsi translation, transcription and interpretation services at competitive rates. Our translation and localization work is available from Farsi to English, as well as from English to Farsi. We even provide language services between Farsi and numerous other languages.

farsi language services for translations, transcriptions and interpretations

Farsi, also known as the Persian language, is primarily spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

The Importance of Farsi

Despite the fact that very few countries list Farsi as an official language, it is the most widely spoken member of the Indo-Iranian languages. There are over 40 million Farsi speakers, including 60% of Iran’s population and 50% of Afghanistan’s population. Farsi is also academically important due to its widespread usage throughout history.

Farsi Translations

Our Farsi translators are native speakers that understand metaphors, slang and different dialects very well. Not only do they use the latest technology to ensure speed and accuracy, they are all certified by the American Translators Association or their home countries’ equivalent. We take care to ensure that the translators we work with have an understanding of specialized and technical fields. Our translators have the background necessary to translate even the most difficult texts.

Farsi Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections offers the highest quality and most affordable audio and video transcriptions. You can count on us as your Farsi transcription partner for video footage, market research, legal proceedings and more. We offer a range of transcription service options. We make sure that you are paying for exactly what you need and nothing else.

Farsi Interpretations

A Farsi interpreter is useful for crossing the language barrier in real time. Multilingual Connections offers in-person Farsi interpretation services or offer interpretation over the phone. Our interpreters are available 24 hours a day. Our in-person interpretation services are available where you need them, including conferences, legal settings, hospitals, business meetings and schools. The interpreters we work with are certified interpreters and are native speakers qualified to interpret particular fields and industries.

About the Farsi Language

Farsi, also known as the Persian language, is primarily spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It is part of the Western branch of the Iranian family of Indo-European languages, along with Baluchi, Kurdish, Gilaki, Mazandarani, and Talyshi. There are approximately 110 million Farsi speakers worldwide. The language’s script is the same as the alphabet used in standard Arabic and is written from right to left.

Farsi Dialects

Farsi has three modern dialects. Western Persian is spoken in Iran, as well as by minorities in Iraq and the Persian Gulf States. Eastern Persian, otherwise known as Dari, is spoken in Afghanistan. Tajiki, also called Tajik Persian, is spoken in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and, unlike the other dialects, is written in the Cyrillic script. There are also several local dialects, such as Hazaragi, Herati, Darwazi and Dehwari. These dialects are spoken in central Afghanistan and Pakistan, western Afghanistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and Pakistan, respectively. The translators, transcribers and interpreters at Multilingual Connections can work with any of the Farsi dialects needed for a project.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Farsi Language Needs

We offer professional translation, transcription and interpretation services. The work is always done by certified professionals with backgrounds in the fields that need to be translated. Our cost-effective pricing is based on the language and what service you need us to provide, and the work we do always results in a high-quality outcome.

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