Estonian Language Services

Multilingual Connections has been furnishing companies and firms with top caliber translations, transcriptions and interpretations in Estonian at extremely affordable rates ever since 2005. Our translation and localization options include converting data from Estonian to English, along with English to Estonian and between Estonian and a broad selection of additional languages.

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Estonian is a member of the European Union and primarily spoken in Estonia.

The Importance of Estonian

With over 1 million native speakers, Estonian is a proud member of the European Union’s 24 publicly recognized languages and retains its status as a language of note. While it is not spoken much outside of Estonia, it is so similar to Finnish that speakers from Estonia and Finland can easily understand each other, which somewhat widens its significance and usefulness in world affairs.

Estonian Translations

We maintain an unbeatable team of translators who are fluent in Estonian to expertly transcribe your files. You can put your trust in our Estonian translators to carry out translations at the highest possible degree of quality, and our superior customer care is without equal. Our translators are genuine experts at executing long, technical and business translations in all dialects of the Estonian language. They consistently translate with an extensive selection of specialized software and in innumerable styles, and the written document style you prefer is always meticulously preserved. On top of that, editing and proofreading for spelling or grammatical errors in our Estonian translations is naturally integrated into all assignments.

Estonian Transcriptions

If audio and video are mediums you work with frequently, we are your number one source for transcribing these data types into written form. Once transcribed, we can subsequently convert the written text from Estonian into any number of other desired languages. Our considerable talents include transcribing focus group dialogues, fieldwork, journals, revenue calls, documentaries, and legal proceedings such as interrogations, depositions, wiretaps, and penitentiary calls.

Estonian Interpretations

When interacting with native Estonian speakers, working with a certified Estonian interpreter will make the communications easy and coherent. We offer Estonian interpretation for all types of in-person events such as conferences, interviews and meetings, and even phone interpretation services for long-distance communications. With our services, you will find an Estonian interpreter who has the technical, legal, medical or business knowledge you require. Choosing one of our professional interpreters will substantially enhance the fluidity of your verbal communications and transactions with Estonian-speaking business partners.

About the Estonian Language

Estonian (or Bisaya in its native tongue) classifies as a Uralic language along with Finnish and Hungarian. It is also among the European Union’s 24 standard languages, used by an approximated 1.2 million speakers in Estonia. Like Hungarian, it bears a little more resemblance to Asian languages in structure than other European languages, and like Finnish it uses the Latin script as the source of its alphabet.

Estonian Dialects

The two major dialects of Estonian is divided into a northern and southern group, each group containing numerous sub-dialects. The northern or “central” dialect is subdivided into a standard dialect, the western or läänemurre dialect, the saarte murre dialect of the Saarmaa and Hiiumaa Islands, and the eastern or idamurre dialect. The southern variants include the Mulgi, Võru, Setu and Tartu dialects. Native speakers of one dialect can easily converse with those who speak other dialects. Even so, our team is composed of natives of each dialect group to fine-tune your transcripts and interpretations to indicate properly each dialect.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Estonian Language Needs

Your business along with your corresponding relationships will develop beautifully with our professional Estonian transcription, translation, and interpretation options. Through the quality of our Estonian transcriptions, translations, and interpretations, your firm will gain huge rewards by an array of methods. First, a talented translator will help you and your personnel to engage in clear and direct communications with Estonian clients or partners that might be impossible without them. Second, an outstanding translator will dramatically boost the pace whereby these communications proceed, enabling you to save priceless time and energy. Third, retaining your company’s connections with Estonian-speaking partners will prevent unwanted social miscues and make it possible for you to minimize your business expenses.

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