Dari Language Services

Chicago-based Multilingual Connections has offered translation, transcription and interpretation services since 2005. We can translate from more than 75 languages including Dari. We translate, transcribe and interpret from English to Dari, Dari to English or any of our other languages. We help organizations of all sizes strengthen their connections across language barriers.

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Dari is spoken by an estimated five million people in Afghanistan.

The Importance of Dari

The Dari language, also called Afghan Persian, is an official language of Afghanistan, along with Pashto. It is on the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian language family, although it’s technically regarded as a dialect of Farsi. It serves as the common language of communication (the “lingua franca”) among Afghanistan’s numerous ethnic and linguistic groups. Our expertise in Dari provides an advantage for businesses and organizations operating in the region.

Dari Translations

Multilingual Connections’ Dari translations are put into completion by native speakers who understand local metaphors and idioms. Our translators use the most up-to-date language translation technology to ensure speed, accuracy and consistency. You can rest assured your certified Dari translator was approved by the American Translators Association or their home country’s equivalent. Our translators have the specialized and technical backgrounds to understand those often difficult-to-translate documents.

Dari Transcriptions

We offer the finest quality audio and video Dari transcriptions into more than 75 languages at affordable prices. Our Dari transcribers can handle market research, earnings calls, legal proceedings, video footage or other video or audio files. We offer monolingual, interpretive and double-column transcriptions. These options allow you to purchase only what you need. We also can handle all digital formats. Your transcriptions will be sent as Microsoft Word documents. If you have special formatting needs for your transcriptions, let us know.

Dari Interpretations

Language interpreters are essential to bridging language barriers in real time. We know you often need Dari interpretation at what might be odd hours for some, but not for us. You can speak with a Dari interpreter both over the telephone (24 hours a day, seven days a week) and in person anywhere around the world. Your Dari interpreter can work in your school, business meeting, hospital, legal setting or conference as well as specialized industries and fields.

About the Dari Language

Dari is spoken by an estimated five million people in Afghanistan, about one-third of the population. It uses a modified Arabic alphabet with a Perso-Arabic script where most letters are connected (similar to cursive writing) and are written from right to left.

Dari Dialects

Dari is divided into the Yazd and Kerman dialects. It’s generally agreed the Dari language is a distinct Farsi dialect, although some maintain they are the same thing. They both use a modified Arabic alphabet but Dari’s vowel system is different and it has additional consonants. Spoken Dari also stresses accents less obviously than Farsi. Your native Dari translator will be familiar with these differences.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Dari Language Needs

Multilingual Connections, along with providing certified translators in more than 75 languages (including Dari), also is competitively priced. We charge based upon language, technical requirements, volume, formatting and special requests. Our project managers review your documents for word count and technical issues before giving you a quote. Then a translator is chosen based upon the requested language and subject matter. We keep you updated during every step. Finally, your translation is edited twice and then delivered in any file format you want. We also offer a 30-day grace period following delivery, when we gladly make any requested changes.

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