Danish Language Services

Multilingual Connections performs comprehensive translation, transcription and interpretation services for Danish. Since 2005, we have provided professional translation, transcription and interpretation services from Danish to English and English to Danish. We also translate, transcribe and interpret into any of 75 other languages for clients, rapidly and accurately.

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Danish is the primary language spoken in Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

The Importance of Danish

Today, Denmark enjoys a reputation as one of the most vibrant cultural and commercial centers in Scandinavia. Many international companies maintain offices in Copenhagen and these firms frequently require high caliber Danish language services. People from around the world travel to Denmark for recreation or business as well.

Danish Translations

Multilingual Connections provides cost-effective pricing for rapid, accurate, complete Danish translations of documents, correspondence, sales literature, textbooks, language training materials and more. We use native speakers who possess credentials from the American Translators Association or the language certifying organization in their home country. When you need a capable Danish Translator, Multilingual Connections is here to meet your communications objectives.

Danish Transcriptions

We prepare both audio and video transcriptions to or from Danish into over 75 languages. Our transcribers possess the skills necessary to transcribe from Danish into another target language or to provide text in both Danish and a second language side-by-side. We work in all digital formats and will provide the final document following any formatting guidelines you require. Our transcriptions meet the high standards of today’s global business community. We will prepare transcriptions in a monolingual form from the source audio into the text of origin. Or, if you prefer, we will transcribe from the original audio into text in a different language. We also possess the capabilities to generate double column transcriptions, transcribing from source audio into source text and a second language side-by-side.

Danish Interpretations

All of Multilingual Connections’Danish interpreters are native speakers who comprehend and communicate this language intuitively. Our team of top interpreters provide friendly and accurate Danish interpretation into English or over 75 other languages. We will supply you with a knowledgeable interpreter capable of furnishing rapid, accurate interpretations. We also assist clients working in highly technical fields. Our interpreters work either in person or remotely. Whether you require assistance in handling a business presentation, trade show, tour or another event we can help.

About the Danish Language

Today, well over 5 million people around the world speak Danish. It remains an official language in both Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Additionally, communities of speakers exist in many places, including Germany, the United States, Brazil, Canada, Greenland, Argentina and other parts of Scandinavia. Danes use the Latin alphabet. This language remains relatively complex to master, due in part to its 27 distinctive vowel sound variations and numerous irregular verb conjugations.

Danish Dialects

Today, distinct Danish dialects and sub-dialects still exist, although speakers from one region can understand and communicate effectively with speakers using a different dialect. From South Jutlandic dialects to Bornholmian, to the overseas communities, Danish remains widely understood by native speakers.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Danish Language Needs

Use Multilingual Connections when you require the services of native speakers well versed in the needs of modern business and academic communications. We offer professional, high-quality English to Danish or Danish to English translation, transcription and interpretation language services. We use Certified interpreters. Our strong work ethic, accuracy and speed will lead to better communication between you and your Danish business partners.

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