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Multilingual Connections is the top resource for Czech translation, transcription, and interpretation. Since 2005, we have been offering our language services to and from Czech and any of our over 75 other languages. We offer excellent customer service, affordable prices, and perfect accuracy.

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The language is spoken worldwide by about 10 million people. Most of these native speakers live in the Czech Republic.

The Importance of Czech

The Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004 and is now one of Europe’s fastest growing markets. Many factories and other business operations are moving to the Czech Republic, including Toyota and Peugeot. In addition, several major banks have headquarters in the Czech Republic, making this an up and coming financial center. There are many reasons for businesses and individuals alike to need a translator, transcriber, or interpreter.

Czech Translations

At Multilingual Connections, we understand that it is important for translations to be accurate and reflect not just the exact wording of the original text but the nuances as well. We offer Czech translations of a variety of many different kinds of text, including websites, legal documents, marketing materials, and more. We have translators who are experienced in a variety of specialty fields such engineering, medicine, and law. We pride ourselves on top quality translation, with affordable prices and the best customer service in the industry.

Czech Transcriptions

Whether you need audio or video transcribed into the source language  or a target language, we offer fast and accurate service with cost-effective price scaling and great customer service. We can handle Czech transcriptions from audio or video into the language of your choice, including marketing materials, taped meetings, legal proceedings and more. We can transcribe from audio or video from any digital format to a text document.

Czech Interpretations

Czech interpretation is necessary for a variety of reasons. From legal proceedings to education meetings to health care settings, there are many times when you may need a certified Czech interpreter to help you communicate with others. We offer interpretation over phone, video conference, or in person for a variety of events. Interpretation requires many more skills than merely speaking both languages; an interpreter must also understand the nuances of both languages and be able to translate idioms and other less literal phrases. Our interpreters are native speakers that also speak English and several other languages fluently.

About the Czech Language

The Czech language is spoken worldwide by about 10 million people. Most of these native speakers live in the Czech Republic; however, the language also has status as a minority language in Slovakia. Although it is a Slavic language, Czech is written using the Latin alphabet.

Czech Dialects

Standard Czech is the everyday speech throughout most of the Czech Republic. However, there are several dialects that are in use throughout the country, usually in rural areas or in less formal situations. Common Czech is the most used dialect, spoken in the region surrounding Prague. Common Czech is becoming increasingly popular throughout the Czech Republic, so it is important that an interpreter understand this dialect. We offer interpreters that speak several different dialects of the language and can translate, transcribe or interpret these into the language of your choice.

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It is crucial that translation, interpretation, and transcription jobs be performed quickly with complete accuracy. Multilingual Connections offers the highest quality interpretation and other services from native Czech speakers. We offer affordable prices and the best customer service in the industry. Choose us for all of your Czech language needs.

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