Croatian Language Services

For over a decade, Multilingual Connections has provided individuals, organizations and businesses with Croatian translation, transcription and interpretation services. Regional dialects aren’t a problem – you can count on us to catch cultural nuances in phrasing. Looking for something else? Check out our 75 other languages. 

Professional Croatian Translations

Our translators are certified by either the American Translators Association, or by the equivalent organization in their home country. Because we have team members from distinct professional backgrounds, your industry-specific content will be accurate. Not convinced? We also proofread and edit as an included part of your project cost.

Croatian Audio & Video Transcriptions

For audio and video content, Multilingual Connections offers three distinct transcription options:

  • Monolingual transcription, where your source content is written in the source language
  • Interpretive transcription, where your source content is written in a different target language
  • Double Column transcription, which includes both of the above in a side by side format

We will happily consult with you if you are unsure which option best suits your needs.

Croatian Interpretations

Available 24/7, our interpreters have experience everywhere from hospitals to schools to business meetings. We also offer our consecutive, simultaneous and phone interpretation services worldwide. After all, real time communication needs can happen anywhere, anytime.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Croatian Translating, Transcribing, and Interpreting Needs?

We have providing language services down to a science. Start with friendly project managers as your first point of contact, add in certified native speakers to assure that your content is perfect, and cover with final proofreading and edits – there you go. A perfect recipe that has kept us at the top of the industry for over a decade.

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