Croatian Language Services

Multilingual Connections has spent the past decade assisting individuals, organizations and businesses with their Croatian translation, transcription and interpretation needs. Our dedicated team of Croatian language specialists can provide you with translations, transcriptions and interpretations from Croatian to English, English to Croatian or to and from the various other languages we provide our services.

croatian language services for interpretations translations and transcriptions

Croatian is an official language of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and also an official language of the European Union.

The Importance of Croatian

Croatian is an official language of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also the official language of the Vojvodina province of Serbia.Minorities currently speak it in Montenegro, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Romania. It is also an official language of the European Union, making it politically important. With so many different Croatian-speaking countries, many business dealings with the European Union countries benefit from access to our translation, transcription and interpretation services.

Croatian Translations

All of Multilingual Connections Croatian translators are native speakers, who have an understanding of metaphors and the different dialects. The translators we work with are all certified, either by the American Translators Association or by the equivalent in their home country. They also use the latest technology to ensure that the translated text is not only as accurate as possible but delivered to you promptly. The translators we work with all specialize in different industries and have an understanding of the necessary terminology for each specialized field.

Croatian Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections offers professional, high-quality audio and video transcriptions. We provide transcriptions for legal proceedings, videos and more. Your company can choose between monolingual transcriptions, interpretive transcriptions or double-column transcriptions. With these three options, our team will follow any formatting guidelines your transcription requires.

Croatian Interpretations

A strong Croatian interpreter will help your business or organization cross the language barrier in real time. We offer both in-person and over-the-phone Croatian interpretation services. We have sent interpreters to hospitals, schools, business meetings, conferences, legal settings and many other locations. Our interpreters are native speakers qualified to interpret specialized fields and industries, and you can rest assured that the person interpreting for you is a certified Croatian interpreter.

About the Croatian Language

Over 5 million people worldwide are Croatian speakers. It is an official language of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Vojvodina province of Serbia. Minorities in Montenegro, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Romania speak Croatian.

Croatian Dialects

The Shtokavian dialect, which is the standard of the language, is divided into Old Shtokavian and Neo-Shtokavian subdialects. Another notable dialect is the Chakavian dialect, predominately spoken in the Adriatic Islands, the Kvarner Islands and the Gacka Valley. Kajkavian is the dialect spoken in North Croatia, including the capital city of Zagreb. There is a mutual intelligibility between all Croatian dialects.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Croatian Language Needs

With our professional translation, transcription and interpretation services, we provide clients with quality work by the certified professionals on our Croatian language team. By having a highly skilled translator assist with all of your Croatian business dealings will keep you and your business partners well connected and help avoid any potential miscommunication.

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