Cebuano Language Services

From 2005 on, Multilingual Connections has supplied businesses and corporations in need of first-rate translation, transcription and interpretation services for the Cebuano language at very economical prices. Our translation and localization solutions are offered from Cebuano to English, in addition to English to Cebuano and between Cebuano and a wide variety of other languages.

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Cebuano is spoken by an estimated 21 million people in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines.

The Importance of Cebuano

With over 21 million native speakers, Cebuano is an important regional language in the Philippines to master in order to facilitate communications with anyone from that area. And since it is not formally taught in schools even in the indigenous area, finding a fluent speaker is essential for companies in need of communicating in oral or written form with native clients or partners. Since Cebu is very popular with foreign investors for its constantly expanding tourism, aerospace and BPO (business process outsourcing) industries, Cebuano translation services are expected to rise in demand.

Cebuano Translations

Multilingual Connections employs a complete roster of fluent and native-speaking Cebuano translators. Our translators are highly proficient in performing extensive, specialized and business-relevant translations. Our translators make use of the latest technology to ensure your translations are accurately completed. Furthermore, proofing and editing of all Cebuano translations for grammar and spelling is automatically included in the project.

Cebuano Transcriptions

For audio and video files, Multilingual Connections provides transcriptions in a written format. Our transcribing expertise includes focus group files, fieldwork, biographies, profit calls, documentaries, wiretaps, depositions and jail calls. We will provide the transcription in your choice of Cebuano, the language of your choice or both Cebuano and a second language.

Cebuano Interpretations

When communicating with native speakers from the Philippines, utilizing a certified Cebuano interpreter will streamline the process. We offer Cebuano interpretation for face-to-face meetings, interviews and seminars, as well as phone interpreters for long-distance interpretation. Finding a Cebuano interpreter who is highly skilled in technology, law, business and health care has never been easier. Employing one of our expert interpreters will greatly improve the ease of your conversations with Cebuano business affiliates in all speaking situations.

About the Cebuano Language

Cebuano (or Bisaya in its native tongue) is an Austronesian language and is spoken by an estimated 21 million people in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. It is the most widely spoken language in this particular area and the second most spoken language in the Philippines, and is similar in structure to other Filipino languages. Its writing system uses the Abakada alphabet, which is based upon the Latin alphabet and is comprised of 20 letters.

Cebuano Dialects

The four main dialects of Cebuano are Davaoeño, Northern Kana, Boholano and Mindanao Cebuano. These dialects may differ from each other significantly concerning nouns, pronunciation and regional colloquialisms, but speakers in each group can understand the important inflections of the other dialects. Nevertheless, our network includes individuals who are skilled in each of the key dialect families to guarantee your translations, transcriptions and interpretations accurately reflect each dialect.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Cebuano Language Needs

Both your business and your related connections will gain from our qualified language translation, transcription, and interpretation solutions. By taking advantage of our Cebuano translations, transcriptions and interpretations, your corporation will profit by a myriad of means. A knowledgeable translator will put the time and effort into converting your important files to and from Cebuano with skill. For high-quality transcriptions, a transcriber will put your audio and video recordings into an easy-to-read written form in the style of your choice. Furthermore, a Cebuano interpreter will facilitate smooth and effortless communications with customers or associates that would otherwise be extremely difficult, shielding against undesirable misunderstandings and enabling you to reduce your cash expenditures.

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